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Australian-led landmark paper wins prestigious award

The paper, “A Consensus on Minimizing the Risk of Hyaluronic Acid Embolic Vision Loss and Suggestions for Immediate Bedside Management", published in Aesthetic Surgery...



The modern art form of the aesthetic surgery clinic

Interior design plays a major role in not only reflecting your expertise and brand but also improving your patient retention rate and overall patient...
Nuera Tight

NuEra Tight

With NuEra Tight, Lumenis introduces the next generation of head-to-toe contouring and skin smoothing technology, delivering non-invasive radiofrequency technology to treat a variety of...





CALECIM® Professional

When used in conjunction with aesthetic procedures, CALECIM® Professional is proving an indispensable tool in significantly reducing post-procedure redness, swelling and discomfort. CALECIM® Professional, the...


iS Clinical

CALECIM® Professional

why cosmeceuticals

The Cosmeceutical Advantage

Cosmeceuticals have become an integral element of the aesthetic clinic business, but why should you stock them? 1. Marrying products with clinical treatments A good skincare...
Get the best ROI

How to maximise your ROI

Selling Skincare

Marketing Automation

Sabri Suby, founder and Head of Growth at King Kong, explains why automation is vital to the success of any marketing strategy. With demand for...

MM Medical Aesthetics

Operating since 1995, MM Medical Aesthetics is one of Australia’s longest-running aesthetic device companies. They are importers, distributers and national trainers of a wide...

Cutera Celebrates 20 years

Hair to be Different

Dr Russell Knudsen has been at the forefront of hair transplant surgery in Australia for 35 years. And he’s only getting started. He’s performed more...

Haute aesthetics

A man of ethics