VOTIVA Empowering Womens's Intimate Care Votiva July 11, 2021 READ MORE Evolve Tone by InMode EVOLVE Tone by InMode July 1, 2021 READ MORE InMode Morpheus8 Morpheus8 - Fractional RF Microneedling Technology June 27, 2021 READ MORE Lutronic eCO2 dual-mode fractional laser eCO2 dual-mode fractional laser May 17, 2021 READ MORE Lutronic Healite II Healite II May 13, 2021 READ MORE

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High Tech Laser becomes Hydrafacial Australia

HydraFacial Australia and New Zealand joins the global HydraFacial Nation

High Tech Laser this week announced that they have officially become part of the ever-growing HydraFacial Nation. After 11 years as exclusive distributors of HydraFacial...
VOTIVA Empowering Womens's Intimate Care


Non-surgical vulvovaginal therapy has been one of the fastest growing areas in cosmetic surgery over the past 10 years. Votiva by InMode is a...
Evolve Tone by InMode

EVOLVE Tone by InMode

Housed on the innovative EVOLVE 3D body contouring platform, EVOLVE Tone is at the forefront of the burgeoning non-invasive muscle toning and strengthening market. EVOLVE...
InMode Morpheus8

Morpheus8 – Fractional RF Microneedling Technology

Bring versatility to your practice and achieve three-dimensional skin contraction with Morpheus8 – the industry’s leading fractional RF microneedling technology for a variety of...

Fraxel boosts patient outcomes in surgical practice

We speak with plastic surgeon Dr David Sharp on how he uses Fraxel to deliver enhanced patient outcomes in a surgical practice. Since its launch...
Lutronic Genius + MaseMD Ultra

TotalSkin Solution™

Prepare to expand your practice with the treatments your patients want, with little or no downtime. Lutronic TotalSkin Solution™ brings together two best-in-class devices that...
Lutronic Spectra XT

Spectra XT: The Extended Platform

Spectra XT by Lutronic is renowned as the world’s No 1 Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. “It is a little known fact that Spectra is the biggest...
Lutronic eCO2 dual-mode fractional laser

eCO2 dual-mode fractional laser

A highly reliable, powerful resurfacing solution, eCO2 from Lutronic is the smart choice for providing fast, full-spectrum CO2 treatments with improved patient comfort and...
Lutronic Healite II

Healite II

Accelerate post-surgery and post-laser wound healing and improve clinical outcomes with the world-class benefits of Healite II. One of Lutronic’s most in-demand devices, Healite II...


Dealing with a difficult patient

Dealing With Difficult Patients

During a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, stress levels are high and patient expectations can be unrealistically heightened. Ricky Allen shares her top...

How to succeed in the wellness economy

Holistic mind and body treatments are reshaping the industry and blurring the lines between cosmetic medicine and general wellness. The “wellness economy” was valued...
Better Blogging

Better Blogging

New York marketing guru Wendy Lewis explains the art of creating great content that connects with readers is more of a science. Blogging is a...
Zoom like a pro

Zoom Like a Pro

Marketing Automation

MM Medical Aesthetics

Operating since 1995, MM Medical Aesthetics is one of Australia’s longest-running aesthetic device companies. They are importers, distributers and national trainers of a wide...

Cutera Celebrates 20 years

And the beat goes on

Outside of his busy Adelaide practice, cosmetic physician Dr Michael Molton is hitting the high notes of life (and proving his high school science...
Seoul City skyline at Dongjak Bridge

Heart in Seoul

Hair to be Different

Haute aesthetics

A man of ethics