Ultraformer III – The New Generation in face Lifting & Body Contouring

A unique multifunctional system for face and neck lifting, wrinkle reduction and body contouring.

Build your practice with this customisable and versatile system. The Ultraformer III, manufactured by Classys and distributed in Australia by Cryomed, is the premium multi-functional ultrasound device, offering both face and neck tightening and body contouring in the one system.

Using Micro and Macro Focused Ultrasound energy, MMFU, based on higher peak power with a dual engine, the Ultraformer III achieves significant skin lifting and tightening without the complications and downtime associated with surgery.

Ultraformer III advantages include faster shot and treatment speed, reduced discomfort, better efficacy, user friendly design, automatic handpiece recognition and a shot count information function. A selection of handpieces allows treatment to be customised for a range of indications.


Ultraformer III Mode of Action and Indications for Use

“Ultraformer III uses MMFU to create an immediate tightening effect,” explains the President of the German Academy of Dermatology Dr Klaus Fritz.

“Additionally, due to the renewal of fibroblasts and repair mechanisms that occur over two months post-treatment, even better longer term results can be achieved.”

Ultraformer III targets the SMAS for more natural-looking and durable skin tightening.

The Ultraformer III has a patented ultrasound focusing and delivery method that precisely targets tissue at adjustable depths: Micro 4.5mm, 3mm, 2mm and 1.5mm for the face, arms and wrinkles; and Macro 6mm, 9mm and 13mm for body contouring, with corresponding frequencies of 4MHz, 5.5MHz, 7Mhz and 7MHz.

The focused and precise energy causes significantly less side effects such as diffuse heating and avoids collateral damage to adjacent epidermis and adipose tissue.

Nine hundred lines can be laid comfortably in 40 minutes, compared to older technology, which took twice the time and caused considerably more discomfort.

Without epidermal injury, hence virtually no recovery or downtime, it is a so-called “lunchtime procedure”.

“Due to the fact that we have various handpieces with various penetration cartridges, there are a range of indications we can treat using Ultraformer III,” Dr Fritz explains.

The superficial handpiece can address acne scarring, large pores and superficial wrinkles – particularly in the frontal area and around the eyes. The medium-depth
handpiece is used for deeper wrinkles on the cheeks and neck, and the deeper handpiece can achieve the tightening effect and facial recontouring.

According to Dr Fritz, Ultraformer III can achieve comparable results to ablative resurfacing, and can delay the need for surgical lifting: “This minimally invasive treatment closes the gap between topical treatment and plastic surgery.

Evaluation of Efficacy  

Sydney dermatologist Dr Adrian Lim evaluated the safety, efficacy and patient satisfaction rate of Ultraformer III on lower face and neck laxity.

The patient demographics were: 19 females and one male; age range 49 to 69 years old (mean 58.7 years-old).

“Almost all patients commented on some degree of skin contraction and improvement in facial and neck contours immediately post procedure. At follow-up (four to twenty weeks), 75 percent of patients continued to report a high degree of satisfaction,” he says.

It was found that 95 percent of patients found the procedure tolerable requiring only topical anaesthesia and chilled air for pain control during treatment. Eighty-five percent of patients would consider having the Ultraformer III again in the future and 75 percent would recommend the procedure to a friend.

The study concludes the procedure induces noticeable skin tightening post-procedure with a 75 percent patient satisfaction rate, independently and objectively verifiable.

“Micro-focused ultrasound therapy with the Ultraformer III is a safe, effective high-speed, low-pain procedure that meets a clear need amongst patients seeking skin tightening,” says Dr Lim.

“The favourable procedural experience and results convert to an 85 percent reported desire for repeat procedures and 75 percent referral rate.”

“There is a market gap for a non-surgical lower face and neck tightening procedure that delivers consistent results without being too uncomfortable or protracted.”

Until now, significant results have only been attainable using more invasive treatments such as ablative laser, which require patient downtime.

The Ultraformer III can be used by doctors, nurses, dermal therapists and other trained allied health practitioners.

Due to its ease of use, dependable, non-laser technology coupled with a low incidence of adverse events, Ultraformer III can be delegated to suitably trained staff.

Ultraformer III gives patients the lifting and tightening result they want, without the downtime. The affordability and low running cost of the device and the favourable patient experience makes it an attractive commercial proposition for any practice.

For more information, call 1300 346 448 or visit www.cryomed.com.au