PicoSure has extended beyond tattoo removal and is garnering attention for its success in skin revitalisation treatments.

The FOCUS Lens Array handpiece for PicoSure has set high standards in skin revitalisation, delivering unparalleled results in wrinkles, acne scarring and pigmentation.

The FOCUS Lens Array distributes 20 times the power of the original PicoSure device, allowing precise and effective treatment of a variety of skin conditions with minimal downtime and high patient safety.

Dr Tanghetti, a US dermatologist and laser specialist, explains the mechanism: “The FOCUS optic harnesses the PicoSure shock waves to create a high energy, spatially confined injury to the epidermis, which we refer to as an area of Laser Induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB).”

In the LIOB reaction, a vacuole is created by high pressure, causing a chain reaction in the dermal architecture and resulting in dermal remodelling below.

“This results in skin lightening and treatment of acne scars by a unique mechanism that most likely represents an epidermally driven collagen remodelling and possibly fibroblast stimulation,” says Dr Tanghetti.

The injury in the epidermis triggers a chain reaction, which improves collagen and elastin. In this way, improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, normalisation of pigment and improvement of scars are achieved.

High energy, precise treatment

The FOCUS Lens Array delivers 20 times the power of the original PicoSure by microscopically concentrating the PicoSure pulse to a precise depth. Reaction at the treatment site significantly heightens the photomechanical response.

The toning effect of the FOCUS Lens Array handpiece in combination with the picosecond pulse duration is effective in treating epidermal pigmentation. The dual mechanism heats and fractures melanosomes to diminish pigmentation.

A white paper by Shamshik Shin and Emil Tanghetti (2015) found the combination of the FOCUS Lens Array and PicoSure’s picosecond pulse duration reduces the photothermal reaction at the treatment site and significantly heightens the photomechanical response.

“The toning effect of the FOCUS Lens Array hand piece in combination with the picosecond pulse duration is unique and it provides dual benefits,” the report states. “For epidermal pigmentation, this device with the FOCUS optic both heats and fractures melanosomes in order to diminish unwanted pigmentation.”

Customisable results

The FOCUS Lens Array is designed to redistribute the light energy into a multitude of high fluence, tightly focused spots, embedded in a low fluence background. This is designed to make treatment more efficacious and safe.

Importantly, the FOCUS Lens Array can be used with a 6mm, 8mm or 10mm optic to permit different types of treatment based on the patient’s skin type and main treatment indications.

The FOCUS exposes up to 10 percent of the tissue to high fluence on each pass. According to Shin and Tanghetti’s research, this makes multiple passes possible and reduces the risk of post- inflammatory hyper pigmentation in darker skin types.

In using a Q-switched laser in skin toning, results can be improved by increasing the fluence or number of passes, but this can lead to increased downtime and possible hypopigmentation and small areas of textural changes, particularly in patients with skin types III-IV.

It is important to remember patient selection is pivotal in regards to optimal outcomes. Patients who have a higher melanin content in their skin, namely skin types III
and beyond, will achieve a better result compared to skin type I and skin type II.

Using PicoSure with the FOCUS, patients are pink for two hours post- treatment, have a sunburn sensation and are normal the next day, without swelling. Their downtime is minimal.

Cynosure is at the forefront of laser technology. With the addition of the FOCUS Lens Array, PicoSure has become a widely applicable device – suitable for treating several indications in skin revitalisation and delivering previously unseen results.

The anti-ageing and wound healing potential for FOCUS Lens Array is exciting. It is an extremely versatile treatment, offering a new set of possibilities for aesthetic procedures. An invaluable asset to a practice, the PicoSure with FOCUS Lens Array is an investment for now and the future.

For enquiries contact Cynosure on 1300 CYNOSURE (2966 7873) or email infoaustralia@cynosure.com

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