Offer your clients the best in professional skincare with clinical treatments for all skin conditions. 

For the past decade cosmeceuticals have been at the forefront of the aesthetic skin care market, delivering visible, proven results. What sets them apart are the active ingredients, rich in pharmaceutical benefits, resulting in noticeable changes in the skin.

Clinical Skincare Naturaceuticals is the benchmark of cosmeceu-ticals, containing active, cell-communicating ingredients, and delivering a natural and bio-technical skincare range of purity and potency.

The professional and retail range marries pharmaceutical-grade purity with naturally sourced ingredients to create a clinically concentrated “Natural Hybrid”, which target specific skin needs and concerns.

Rich in actives, fruit enzymes, natural salicylic and lactic acids, the Clinical Skincare range is engineered for optimum results wth effective treatment for acne, rosacea, discolouration, lines and wrinkles, and sun damaged skin conditions.

Clinical enzyme treatments

Clinical Skincare Naturaceutical was the first skincare company in Australia to introduce the Vit-A enzymes with Phyto Pumpkin and Mango in 1981. There are a total of six enzyme treatments available within the Clinical Naturaceutical range, carefully researched and formulated so that each and every product works in synergy with one another, providing the safest and most beneficial results.

The Phyto-Pumpkin Enzyme Peel can be used to treat the visible and invisible signs of ageing, including acne, discoloration, lines and wrinkles, and sun damage.

Unlike other botanicals, pumpkin contains a densely populated constellation of over 100 nutrients released through enzymatic hydrolysis.

The Phyto-Pumpkin Enzyme Peel is an alternative to AHAs (a fruit acid/enzyme), an exfoliation accelerator, a powerful anti-oxidant and a mild retinolic acid substitute. As a natural repair therapy, it has beta carotene and ascorbic acid to combat oxidative, free radical damage.

The Phyto-Pumpkin Enzyme Peel comes in three accelerated strengths – 10%, 20% and 35%. The higher the percentage, the lower its pH balancing, and thus the shorter the time required for the peel treatment.

Sensitive skins and acne conditions will respond better to the Phyto Pumpkin Enzyme Peel because it is not as sharp or intrusive as glycolic can be to some skins. This peel has the richest source of beta-carotene and provides a full complement of Vitamin A derivatives that decreases the oxidative and free-radical stress associated with other chemical peels.

The Vitamin C Zesty Orange Enzyme is another benchmark treatment from Clinical Naturaceuticals, and can be used to assist in the removal of fine lines and wrinkles when offered in a course of treatments.

The treatment consists mainly of esters (neutral lipids) of unsaturated fatty acids such as: linolenic, linoleic, oleic, arachidic, erudic and long- chain alcohols. These kinds of esters are known for their emollient and moisturizing characteristics. The other unsaturated fatty acids in the orange skin are the phospholipids, known for their softening effects and improving elasticity in human skin.

This enzyme peel also contains carotenoids (e.g anti-oxidants), flavonoids (a natural sunscreen with anti-microbial properties), phenolic acids (e.g the potent anti-oxidant and anti-microbial accents of ferrulic and caffeic acids), salicylic acid and a host of essential oils. The treatment contains no irritant potential and is thus suitable for acne and acne-prone patients.

While the peel moisturises and softens the skin, it also allows significant absorption of UVA and UVB radiation (from 240 to 340nm), evening out discolouration and gently clarifying. Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, this treatment improves the texture of the skin and helps fight the invisible signs of ageing by renewing skin cells with a short turnover of collagen fibroblasts, which helps remove lines and wrinkles.

The Clinical Skincare difference

Clinical Skincare Naturaceuticals treatments deliver a new dimension in skin health, offering visible and long-lasting anti-ageing results by stimulating cellular metabolism to achieve improved skin tone, colour, texture and fewer breakouts.

“We take pride in developing products that blend substantial levels of naturally derived ingredients with the best of science to achieve the ultimate in therapeutic, safe and high-performance skincare,” says CEO and Training Director Metro-Dora Clifford. “Clinical Skincare Naturaceuticals has been setting new standards in product excellence for more than 30 years.”

Clinical Skincare Naturaceuticals offers Professional and Retail starter kits, a low minimum order and guarantees no mineral oils, lanolin, paraffin, chemical fragrances, silicones, parabens or any clogging ingredients used in any of their products.

“By incorporating Clinical Skincare Naturaceuticals treatments in your clinic and prescribing Clinical Skincare homecare program kits, watch your business flourish and see your patients happy and satisfied. By investing today in your client’s skincare management treatments, you will reap the dividends for years to come.”

For all enquiries call Metro-Dora Clifford, CEO and Training Director of ClinicalPRO on 0411 862 362 or 1800 628 999




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