Ultrasound energy for cosmetic procedures has lived up to its promise of being an exciting and effective development. While many practitioners originally saw it as a way to bridge the gap between non- invasive and surgical procedures, the results ultrasound is achieving in terms of tightening, lifting and contouring the face and body is proving that it offers significantly more than just a “bridge” to surgery.

The main advantage of ultrasound is its precision, delivering energy to a desired depth within a particular structure (ie, the dermal matrix or subcutaneous fat) while sparing the surrounding tissue (ie, the epidermis). Yet another advantage of ultrasound is that the practitioner can visualise the skin layers and underlying structures for a highly focused, predictable treatment.

The Ultraformer, manufactured by Classys and distributed in Australia by Cryomed, is an ultrasound device currently making headway in the industry for its ability to lift and tighten loose skin on the face and neck, and contour the body. It affords both immediate and long-lasting effects with minimal downtime. A selection of hand pieces means treatment can be customised to meet a wide range of indications.

“Ultraformer uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to cause localised damage to the dermis, creating an immediate tightening effect,” explains German dermatologist and President of the German Academy of Dermatology Dr Klaus Fritz. “And, due to the renewal of fibroblasts and repair mechanisms that occur over two months post-treatment, this creates even better longer term results.”

The mechanism of action is centred on high-intensity focused ultrasound – this technology has been developed for treating various cancer through thermal energy from ultrasound waves.

According to Dr Fritz, Ultraformer can achieve comparable results to ablative resurfacing, and can delay the need for surgical lifting.

“This treatment closes the gap between topical treatment and plastic surgery, but is also minimally invasive. Until now, significant results have only been treatable using more invasive treatments such as ablative laser, which require patient downtime,’ says Dr Fritz. “Ultraformer gives patients the lifting and tightening result they want, without downtime.”
The various hand pieces direct ultrasound energy at different depths below the skin’s surface – at 1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm.

“Due to the fact that we have various hand pieces with various penetration depths, there are a range of indications we can treat using Ultraformer,” he explains. “The superficial hand piece can address acne scarring, large pores and superficial wrinkles – particularly in the frontal area and around the eyes. The medium-depth hand piece can address the deeper wrinkles on the cheeks or on the neck. And the deeper hand piece can really achieve that tightening effect and facial re-contouring.”

Ultraformer III – for both face and body

Ultraformer III is the premium multi- functional ultrasound device, offering both face and neck tightening and body contouring in the one system.

What makes the Ultraformer III stand out is that it can be calibrated to target subcutaneous fat tissue when used in the “body” mode.

The multi-functional high-intensity focused ultrasound energy, based on higher peak power with a dual engine, effortlessly breaks through cellular membranes and destroys fat cells, offering significant body shape improvement without the complications and downtime associated with surgery.

Ultraformer III advantages include faster shot and treatment speed, no pain for the patient, better efficacy, user friendly design and interface, automatic hand piece recognition, shot count information function and voice control function.

Ultraformer machines are easy to incorporate in-clinic and can be used in conjunction with other treatment modalities. The treatment incurs no downtime, and can signify a “lunch time” procedure for most patients.

“Ultraformer can help improve the appearance of several patient concerns in a very short time, with almost no downtime. Only one or two treatments are usually necessary to achieve the desired result,” Dr Fritz concludes. AMP

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Face: eyebrow sagging, peri-orbital wrinkles, sagging cheeks, heavy jowl line, deep forehead wrinkles, double chin, uneven skin tone, neck wrinkles
Body: chest, arms, abdomen, flanks, thighs, axilar, lower leg, ankles, back

Smart slim cartridge

• Shortens treatment time
• Provides a wide field of view
• Accurate treatment depth distribution

Fast transducer with dual hand piece

• Easily switchable dual hand piece
• Fast moving transducer with robotic technology

Adjustable pitch and length

• No need for various cartridges
• Easily adjust energy density and fluence to the tissue
• Stabilised energy with effective parameters

Distinctive visible efficacy

• Comfortable procedure for the patients
• Immediate difference and cumulative result over three months post-treatment
• Economic consumables
• High return on investment

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