Specifically created for doctors, Oxygenetix is the foundation of choice for post-procedure skin.

Oxygenetix is a cosmeceutical and makeup line designed specifically for doctors to help make patient downtime more functional and comfortable. The moisturiser and foundation can be used directly post-procedure on aggravated skin, concealing recovery and also expediting healing.

Even broken and extremely sensitive skin seen in some patients immediately post-laser can be directly covered with Oxygenetix. The foundation acts as a second skin, and its ‘breathable’ capacity helps initiate and optimise the healing process.

“Oxygenetix can be used on post-laser skin even in cases where the treated skin is ultra-sensitive and is still weeping and raw,” says cosmetic dermatologist and phlebologist Dr Adrian Lim. “It also comes in a wide range of colours to match all skin types, making it
a wearable, soothing, breathable foundation, which promotes skin repair at the same time.”

How Oxygenetix helps with healing

Marketed as the first truly breathable makeup, the foundation is based on a patent-pending formula dubbed the Ceravitae Complex. This has been shown to generate an aerobic effect, stimulating skin cell production and promoting the healing process.

More specifically, Ceravitae is designed to speed up connective tissue reconstruction, systemically build collagen layers and reinforce natural skin healing. This helps accelerate recovery and reduce scar formation following more invasive aesthetic procedures.

Beauty with benefits

Aside from the post-procedure benefits, Oxygenetix is simply a good foundation. It delivers complete yet natural-looking coverage – in a range of 10 shades – to even skin tone and conceal blemishes. It can be applied independently, or over Oxygenetix moisturiser, and allows the underlying skin to breath with no occlusive oils or irritants.

“Patients are often so happy with the product they continue to use it as their daily foundation and skincare because it feels good on the skin and does not block pores in acne-prone patients,” Dr Lim explains. “Oxygenetix won’t irritate sensitive skin and can also effectively hide a variety of skin blemishes.”

The hypoallergenic properties of Oxygenetix means it can be used without fear of irritation or adverse reaction. It delivers desired coverage – and no irritation – to acne and rosacea patients and even psoriasis and eczema sufferers.

“Oxygenetix is soothing and will not irritate delicate skin. It has a built-in sunscreen (SPF 25) that can be used on broken skin, which is vital for early sun protection in laser treated skin,” says Dr Lim. “It also contains key ingredients that promote wound healing, for example Ceravitae, which increases the tissue oxygen.”

wide spectrum of patients with such a soothing and effective makeup solution – designed to cover, protect and benefit – is a win-win for both patient and practitioner. It increases patient satisfaction and boosts customer loyalty.

“The Oxygenetix RRP is very reasonable and allows a good mark- up on the product, which is in line with most cosmeceutical products. The real ROI of this product is in the clinical assistance with healing and patient satisfaction,” Dr Lim concludes. AMP

Oxygenetix is distributed in Australia by Mondeal. For enquiries, call 1800 633 830 or email sales@lookyounger.com.au or visit www.mondealaustralasia.com

Oxygenetix benefits

• Breathable – does not contain occlusive oils

• Non-comedogenic

• Contains organically certified ingredients

• Transfer resistant

• Can be used immediately following laser and cosmetic procedures

• Hypoallergenic – soothes irritated skin conditions including acne and rosacea

• SPF 25 (for UVA/UVB sun protection)

• Exclusive ingredient Ceravitae continually introduces oxygen to skin

• Non drying – allows retention of natural fluids, even following aggressive resurfacing

• Soothing, healing Aloe Vera is used instead of water helping resurface skin by sloughing dead cells

• No preservatives or additives

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