LED therapy is widely recognised as an effective method to promote skin rejuvenation and post-surgery recovery. Omnilux is an LED device with a history of clinical and empirical effectiveness that is unmatched by any other therapy device on the market.

It’s pain-free, delivers measurable results and can boost the outcomes of other cosmetic surgeries or treatments. The research backing this device takes the uncertainty out of deciding whether to invest, while the enjoyable experience helps boost treatment plan adherence and client loyalty.

Sound too good to be true? Omnilux, distributed by True Solutions, has been shown to achieve consistent results in ageing, pigmented or acne-prone skin. It’s been documented in over 40 peer-reviewed publications and is used
by more than 3,000 dermatologists and plastic surgeons across the globe. This history of clinical success remains unmatched in the world of light-therapy devices.

‘Omnilux is a TGA-approved
LED device with years of research and written papers behind it,’ says Sydney cosmetic physician Dr Saras Sundrum, who has been using Omnilux in her clinics for the past 10 years. ‘Our clients love
the non-invasive nature of it and
the immediate results. It’s also
very relaxing.’

The system uses Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to kick-start regeneration and rejuvenation in the skin. Unlike other systems, Omnilux delivers one precise wavelength for the entirety of the treatment. This means the skin cells are stimulated in the same way throughout treatment – preventing cell confusion or counter-reactivity.

Omnilux incorporates three different wavelengths for treating different skin types and concerns. Each wavelength – Omnilux Revive at 633nm; Omnilux Plus at near infrared 833nm; and Omnilux Blue at 415nm – excites particular cellular activity in the dermis and epidermis to promote healthy skin function.

Omnilux Revive

Omnilux Revive targets fibroblasts in the skin’s dermis, to stimulate collagen and elastin production. The red wavelength also acts as an anti-inflammatory, helping promote efficient, healthy and regular cellular activity in the skin.

A single-blinded randomised controlled study to determine the efficacy of Omnilux Revive facial treatment in skin rejuvenation

To determine the efficacy of Omnilux Revive in skin rejuvenation, researchers Jaideep Bhat, Jan Birch, Colin Whitehurst and Sean W Lanigan conducted a randomised trial of 23 volunteers. The study was published in the journal of Lasers
in Medical Science in 2005. The participants underwent treatment with Omnilux three times a week for three weeks to one half of the face.

The patient satisfaction was reported as follows: “Eight weeks after the end of the study, 91 percent of the volunteers reported visible changes to their skin. Sixty- four percent reported a reduction
in fine lines and wrinkles and a perception of softer skin. Sixty-eight percent reported smoother skin, and over 50 percent reported that their skin felt firmer.”

Omnilux Plus

Omnilux Plus works at a different level. It promotes the activity of myofibroblasts, to tighten collagen bundles and create a neat, even and resilient structure of collagen fibres in the skin.

Treatment with Omnilux Plus has also been found to assist in healing and reduce the level

of toxins in the skin. It is often used before and after surgery
to accelerate and improve the healing process. The near infrared wavelength penetrates the skin by eight to 12mm to trigger the wound healing response, reduce healing time and help prevent scar formation.

Omnilux Blue

Omnilux Blue is designed to prevent the spread of acne- causing bacteria, and works by penetrating the skin’s deeper layers and stimulating the production of bacteria-destroying chemicals. When used in acne treatment,

the Omnilux system helps soothe painful inflammation and reduce the amount of bacterium to reduce the severity of acne.

One report by Neil Fernandes and Joshua Zeichner, published
in Cosmetic Dermatology in 2010 delved into the effects of blue light therapy on acne. “Blue light therapy can be used specifically to target and kill P Acnes Bacteria. The bacteria produces protoporphyrin IX and coproporphyrin III, which selectively absorb light within the visible spectrum. This results in the development of reactive oxygen radicals, which are toxic to P
Acnes Bacteria. A broad rage of wavelengths within the visible light

spectrum produce this effect, but peak absorption occurs at 415 nm, in the blue light spectrum,” the report states.

As well as this, Omnilux accelerates healing and strengthens the natural function of the skin
to help prevent against future recurrence of acne irritation.

These same healing benefits – boosting immune function, clearing damaged tissue and promoting the production of new, healthy cells
– have also achieved noticeable results in treating rosacea.

Blue and red light combination LED phototherapy for acne vulgaris in patients with skin phototype IV

A 2006 study, published in Laser
in Surgery and Medicine, treated
24 patients with mild to moderately severe facial acne to compare the effects of red LED therapy and blue LED therapy for acne. The research found mean improvements in non- inflammatory and inflammatory lesions to be 34.28 percent and 77.93 percent respectively. The participants were given a course of treatments, performed twice a week for four weeks. AMP

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Omnilux as an adjunct

One study, entitled Red light-emitting diode (LED) therapy accelerates wound healing post-blepharoplasty and periocular laser ablative resurfacing by Mario A Trelles and Ines Allones (2006) looked into the benefits of LED therapy in reducing sequelae-related patient downtime after blepharoplasty, in some cases partnered with periocular laser ablative resurfacing.

“In this small series of 10 patients, red LED phototherapy after blepharoplasty and laser ablative resurfacing cut the time to resolution of side effects and the healing time by one-half to one-third compared with contralateral unirradiated controls,” the report states.

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