Secret RF delivers controlled radiofrequency directly
to various depths in the
skin – from 0.5mm to 3.5 mm 
– using minimally invasive, non-insulated microneedles. The machine is manufactured by Ilooda and distributed in Australia by Cryomed.

Treatment with non- invasive microneedle fractional radiofrequency (NIMRF) has been shown to achieve significant results in the reduction of acne scars, stretch marks and also in general facial rejuvenation.

The RF energy is precisely delivered through the targeted tip of the microneedles, which prevents trauma to the surrounding epidermis and greatly reduces
the chance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation – a key difference when compared to optical based treatments such as IPL and laser.

The micro-needles are precisely arranged (64/25/10 per head)
to emit RF energy in finite areas without overlap. The Secret RF system also has the largest tip size on the market, at 1 and 2cm2. This means high energy can be applied to the target tissue, without risk of overlap or energy interference. Using Secret RF, a uniform and consistent coagulation zone is created, at any parameter.

The system is indicated for treating conditions such as hyperpigmentation, deep and shallow wrinkles, acne and acne scars, skin laxity and overall skin rejuvenation. Yet another indication of the microneedling system is hyperhidrosis, with the Secret RF being hailed as an innovative method for the treatment of this often debilitating condition.

Clinical success in treating photo-ageing and acne scarring

A recent study1 by Dr Michael Naouri examined the efficacy, tolerance and treatment satisfaction of Secret RF treatment when addressing photo- ageing and acne scarring.

The trial examined 20 female subjects who presented with ageing concerns and different types of scarring (photo-ageing: n+5; acne scars: n+5; atrophic scars: n=9; burn scars: n=11). Notably, seven participants had a Fitzpatrick skin type rating greater than III.

Treatment was performed under topical anaesthesia, and patients received an average of 1.65 treatment sessions with the Secret RF device. Treatment consisted of five passes over microrelief zones (wrinkles and scars), with a 50 per cent overlap in two consecutive passes. The RF energy was set to 60 per cent during treatment, and the depth was set as a function of the dermal thickness (typically between 1 and 2.5mm, depending on the zone to be treated). Follow- up consultations were conducted up to one-month following treatment.

Both the patient and the physician assessed efficacy using a 10-point evaluation scale at follow-up. Immediate treatment tolerance was assessed during the session using a 10-point pain score, and post treatment tolerance was established with retrospective analysis of the most common side effects – including erythema, oedema and crusting in the treated skin.

Treatment with Secret RF was shown to deliver a mean efficacy of 6.25/10, as rated by the physicians, and 5.8/10, according to the patients. Overall patient satisfaction was recorded at 7/10 and all patients reported a high tolerance of the procedure itself. The expected post-treatment side effects
lasted three days on average. Immunohistochemical studies showed an increase in inflammatory cells and fibroblasts through the dermis following treatment with Secret RF.

The benefits of NIMRF

A 2014 article by Dr Ilya Petrou, Contributing Editor at The European Aesthetic Guide, reported on the results of Dr Naouri’s study1. It explained treatment with NIMRF could provide a more beneficial outcome to some patients, when compared with fractional CO2 laser treatment.

“NIMRF enables fractional dermal heating while sparing the epidermis, with the main advantages over laser including deeper dermal penetration and more homogenous tissue heating, as well as much higher safety in darker skin types. This increased volumetric heating results in a pronounced dermal remodelling, which leads to enhanced cosmetic outcomes,” the article states.

The report explained Secret
RF can be a valuable treatment
for several cosmetic indications, including improvement of striae distensae and hyperhidrosis. It also suggested the use of Secret RF alongside fractional CO2 laser for improved results.
“According to Dr Naouri, a combination therapy consisting of NIMRF for deeper dermal stimulation and CO2 fractional laser for intense superficial dermal stimulation could prove to be an excellent synergistic approach for many indications, leading to an optimisation of clinical outcomes,” the article states. “NIMRF devices are proving to be extremely safe and successful in addressing many common cosmetic indications.” AMP

1. Naouri M., Fraitag S., Mazer
J. M., Non insulated microneedle fractional radiofrequency for scars and photoaging treatment: a post commercial clinical study including immunohistochemical comparison versus CO2 fractional laser. A scientific study for Creative Ilooda.

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