Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon Dr Andrew Frankel was a keynote speaker at the recent AAFPS & ASPS rhinoplasty masters’ symposium. Here he gives us the lowdown on LA.

What do you love most about Los Angeles?

What I love most about Los Angeles is the range it offers. I find the possibilities for outdoor
activities and adventures is equalled by accessibility to top-notch cultural experiences and amazing restaurants. It’s never-ending fun if you wish to explore!


What’s the best way to see the city?

The best way to see LA is with a friend who lives here and with whom you share common interests. There is so much ground to cover and traffic can make it difficult to get to everything so having a friend who can cherry pick those things of most interest will work best. And your friend will have friends… that’s just the way it works in LA.

What are the must-sees when travelling there?LA-signs

My list of must-sees includes: Hike in Runyon Canyon to catch views of the Hollywood sign and LA, Venice beach boardwalk, LACMA, a sightseeing tour through the hills, Frederick Weisman museum in Beverly Hills, and reluctantly a stroll down Rodeo Drive.

What are the top three eating spots?

Currently my favourite restaurants are: Alma in downtown LA, Osteria Mozza in West Hollywood, and Mastro’s in Malibu (great for people watching).

And the locals’ best-kept secret?LA-Hollywood-walk-of-fame

Best-kept secrets change quickly in LA, otherwise they aren’t secrets! Great spots that have remained as consistently good local hangouts include Sushi Park in West Hollywood, LA Descarga (a Cuban speakeasy), Pace, The Sunset Restaurant in Malibu, and Che Jay in Santa Monica.

What’s the most unique or unusual place to visit in LA?

A very unusual and worthwhile place to visit is Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery.

What led you to pursue a career in plastic surgery?

I followed my instincts and wound up exactly where I am supposed to be. I have a very good aesthetic sense and put a premium on beautiful things. I enjoy surgery and the very tangible nature of changing things definitively. I enjoy people and relating with them and feel I am a very good communicator. Facial plastic surgery allows me to use all of my skills and passions in a way in which to help others… it’s a natural choice for me!

What’s been a career highlight for you?LA-car

My career highlight is hard to pinpoint as there are many facets to this profession. Presenting at international and national meetings alongside my mentors and colleagues is gratifying but so is my role as a Fellowship Director where I train incredible young doctors every year. Purchasing my beautiful clinic in Beverly Hills was also a landmark for me and I suppose made me feel as if I’d “made it”. The very best moments are without doubt when a patient thanks me from a deep place for how I was able to help them and improve their life and outlook.

What’s your experience of practicing in Beverly Hills?

headshotLABeverly Hills is a fantastic city to practice if you are up for challenges and striving to keep at the top of your game. The patients are demanding and the stakes are often quite high. My father used to say “If you’re going to drill for oil move to Texas” so I guess if you wish to practice plastic surgery Beverly Hills might be considered Texas!

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