Adam Rish practices laser dermatology for 20 hours a week – the rest of the time he works as an artist and sculptor.

Artist. Sculptor. Printmaker. Illustrator. Actor. And muse? There isn’t much that Sydney-based cosmetic doctor Adam Rish hasn’t turned his artistic eye to.

But did you know his work has been the subject of prominent exhibitions and has won a host
of international awards and residencies? Or that he was the subject of his friend Garry Shead’s Archibald Prize Finalist painting ‘Carpe(t) Diem’?

Adam Rish
Adam Rish and IO Wayan Sumantra, Ubud, Bali 2010

Immigrating to Tasmania as a young boy in 1962, Rish’s upbringing was liberal and very ‘bohemian’ of the time, which no doubt helped ignite his passion for his more creative pursuits. He graduated from medicine from the University of Tasmania in 1978, but continued his calling for the arts; he has also studied printmaking and sculpture, and completed a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts and an MFA.

He has exhibited around Australia since 1975 and held 41 solo exhibitions. Rish’s work has also won many awards, including: Visual Arts Board Studio residencies in France and Italy in 1981 and 1984, respectively; a VAB Travel Grant in 1992; and an Asialink Residency in Indonesia in 1997. He also won the City of Hobart Art Prize in 1998.

Adam Rish

Rish’s main artistic interest is in cross-cultural collaboration as world art (like world music) to affirm Indigenous culture and regional diversity.

He has worked with Indigenous artists in Australia, Indonesia, Tonga, Turkey and the USA.
Rish views his role as an artist as a “re-presenter”, combining traditional techniques with modern technological and domestic images, a practice he calls “misanthropology”.

His work is represented in public collections such as the Australian National Gallery, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of NSW and the Queensland Art Gallery.

Rish’s business card states: ‘Adam Rish – Misanthropist: For Disappointments, phone …’. But don’t be taken in, as he always has time for both his patients and his friends and is disarmingly quick witted and enthusiastic about life.

You can see and learn more about Rish’s work on his website at

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