Outsourcing – No need to reinvent the wheel

You can’t do it all. discover the freedom of outsourcing to increase profits and decrease headaches.

Outsourcing has become essential to the day to day operations for many doctors, practices, hospitals and health organisations. It simply makes good business sense to not have to continually invest in employing more new staff that cost time, money and frustration.

Using the expertise of trusted and reputable providers has generally led to increasing profits, not problems.

Why outsoursce?

Consultants and contractors are hired to provide temporary or ongoing professional services to help organisations fill gaps where they lack critical expertise. They can also provide additional resources when management and employees do not have the time to spend on projects.

Specialised knowledge

Consultants offer specialised knowledge and experience not always available in-house. As a consultant has been involved in working with many organisations, they have developed sound change management skills based upon the adoption of Best Practice Methodologies. These skills will add to the productivity and delivery of outcomes in a timely and cost effective way. By using a consultant at the beginning of a project, the consultant can steer an organisation away from the pitfalls and make the project more likely to deliver the desired outcomes.

Training and transferable skills

Consultants have vast experience in dealing with varying organisations and have a good grasp as to what works and what doesn’t work.

The sharing of this knowledge has immense value to the organisation and those staff members who will be continuing the changes made in the business when the consultant’s work is finished.

Perspective and objectivity

A consultant can offer a different, more objective perspective about how a problem can be solved or an opportunity fully leveraged. One reason for this is that consultants are exposed to many different companies and methods for dealing with the same issues the firm that hires them is experiencing. As consultants do not have any history, emotional connections or any political ties with the organisation, their recommendations are considered unbiased and practical.

Change management

Many employees resist change and often question why change is necessary. Hiring a third-party expert who recommends change often makes it easier for employees to accept the change. The consultants can then act as facilitators to implement the change and ensure that the changes are monitored and evaluated to ensure that they are consistent with the organisation’s ongoing strategic plans.

Cost savings

Using consultants can save money when a project of limited duration or a worker who is less than full- time is needed. In addition, the cost of hiring and training staff to deliver the desired outcome or using existing employees could be more expensive, especially when all the associated overhead and employment costs are taken into consideration. Highly skilled consultants are often more productive than employees. It is common in many organisations that employees are constantly tied up in their daily management issues, which makes the change process sluggish and ineffective. Consultants are able to achieve results for their client more quickly than if they were doing it themselves, which creates value, saves money and allows the business to stay ahead of the competition.

Outsourcing – who do I choose?

Ideally it is best to use a provider that has had specific industry experience and has a good network of strategic partners that understand your practice needs.

  • Check out the bona fides of any individual or company providing outsourced services. This can be done by asking for referees whom you can speak to about their services.
  • Clearly define your needs and expectations.
  • Have a written contract outlining those needs and expectations.
  • Insist the outsourcing company seeks your approval before they subcontract any work.
  • Word of mouth is the best way to find good contractors. Many times a contractor you are already using can recommend a reputable strategic partner in another industry.

Outsourcing is a proven, effective way to bring in much needed expertise into an organisation that allows the businesses to become more effective, efficient and allows the business owners to achieve their goals.

About the author

Consulting_Connexions_Hanya_Image1Hanya Oversby has more than 18 years of experience in business development for medical specialist practices. She holds a Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Management and specialises in guiding clients in the strategic planning and development of their business.

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