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  • Tue

    [A5M] Circadian Metabolism And Chronic Disease Management

    7:00 pmOnline

    A5M is pleased to announce the return of Dr Thomas Guilliams (USA) PhD to present Circadian Metabolism And Chronic Disease Management: The Role of Stress, Meal Timing and Physical Activity.

    This online presentation will happen over three night; Tuesday 27 October, Tuesday 3 November, Tuesday 10 November 2020, 7pm-8.30pm AEDT.

    COST: A5M Community Members $440 for all 3 sessions A5M Professional Members $330 for all 3 sessions


    Many practitioners will remember Dr Guilliams as keynote speaker at 2 previous A5M conferences and preconference workshops. Tom is a nutritional supplements expert, educator researcher and author, and has presented extensively on Gut health, Lifestyle medicine and Stress and the HPA Axis. He is also author of the acclaimed The Standard Road Map Series of books for practitioners practicing integrative, preventative and functional medicine.

    In this workshop Dr Thomas Guilliams, will present the mechanisms that link circadian metabolism (central and peripheral clocks), and its modulation from the HPA axis, stress, meal timing and physical activity. He will discuss the evidence for how modulating these lifestyle inputs can benefit chronic disease outcomes.


    WEEK 1 | Circadian Mechanisms and the HPA Axis
    Tuesday 27 October

    • Describe the basic features of central and peripheral clock mechanisms and the fundamental features of the HPA axis.
    • Explain how day/light signalling through the HPA axis and how cortisol interacts with peripheral clocks
    • Discuss how acute and chronic stress can affect metabolism and circadian function.

    WEEK 2 | Circadian Mechanisms and the influence of meal timing and physical activity
    Tuesday 3 November

    • Expand on the purposes of the circadian metabolic system, its role in anticipating the need for nutrient absorption, physical activity and immune upregulation.
    • Discuss time-related eating patterns (e.g. time-restricted feeding, fasting, breakfast skipping) and food quality on circadian function
    • Examine the effects of physical activity on circadian gene expression.

    WEEK 3 | Intervention Strategies for Circadian Re-synchron
    Tuesday 10 November

    This final week will provide you with the principles and basic strategies for assessing a patient’s circadian function, focusing on lifestyle inputs that reinforce circadian function such as:

    • stress assessment and management,
    • sleep therapy, meal timing and avoidance of circadian disruptors,
    • inflammatory signals and nutrient interventions.

    Workshop includes: interactive Q&A session to discuss clinical implications, PDF of power point presentation and access to a recording of the workshop for 30 days post event (registered practitioners only).

    COST: A5M Community Members $440 for all 3 sessions A5M Professional Members $330


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