Tattoo removal is big business. give your patients The results They desire with picosure, The first picosecond laser for superior tattoo removal.

The tattoo removal industry is big business. According to current research by IBISWorld, revenue from tattoo removal is expected to hit US$83.2 million in net worth over the next four years.

With one in five Australians aged between 20 and 29 sporting a tattoo – and 34 percent of these people regretting their decision to ink, according to the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council – it appears the tattoo removal boom has only just begun.

The new way to destroy ink

New advances in laser technology are broadening practitioners’ options in treating a range of conditions, including tattoo removal for those who want to rethink their ink. One of these standout new technologies is the PicoSure laser by Cynosure, which uses picosecond pulses to make tattoo removal quicker and more effective than its Q-switched competitors.

PicoSure is the first laser to use picosecond technology in a commercial setting, removing dark, stubborn green inks as well as previously treated recalcitrant tattoos. In doing this, PicoSure has rendered treatable those patients who previously would have struggled to achieve complete tattoo clearance.

“The PicoSure produces energy in the shortest time interval that has ever been available on the commercial market,” says US dermatologist and laser specialist Dr Emil Tanghetti.

“With the picosecond technology, we can now clear green and blue ink in two to three treatments; before it was almost impossible to clear these tattoos completely. Also, for the other ink colours, we are typically seeing clearance in half the number of treatments as compared to the old Q-switched technology,” he says.

PicoSure delivers light energy at picosecond pulses. This transcends the effects of a typical photothermal reaction and instead creates an intense photomechanical impact – patented PressureWave – in the skin. The PressureWave assists in greater disruption of the ink pigment with fewer treatments, less fluence and without injuring
the surrounding tissue.

In a practical sense, the PicoSure laser breaks ink particles into dust; a Q-switched laser breaks it into pebbles.

The PicoSure works at a nominal wavelength of 755 nanometres and comes with two hand pieces for tattoo removal. The Zoom handpiece features an adjustable spot size of 0.1mm increments, from 2mm to 6mm, and the Fixed handpiece addresses 6mm, 8mm and 10mm spot sizes.

More than just tattoo removal

PicoSure is also used for the treatment of wrinkles and acne scarring and overall skin rejuvenation, enabling it to be widely incorporated into practices.

By combining picosecond technology with the FOCUS Lens Array handpiece, Cynosure has created a system that delivers 20 times the power of the original PicoSure, achieving significant results in skin rejuvenation.

“The FOCUS Optic creates a high-energy spatially confined injury to the epidermis, which we refer to as an area of Laser Induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB),” Dr Tanghetti explains. “This results in skin lightening and treatment of acne scars by a unique mechanism that most likely represents an epidermally-driven collagen remodelling and possibly fibroblast stimulation, caused by the very short laser pulse.”

The FOCUS Lens Array combines low and high fluencies, delivered in a controlled manner. This is designed to boost both the efficacy and safety of treatment. “I can now treat acne scars in virtually all skin types, with minimal downtime and minimal pain, and not requiring any topical anaesthesia,” Dr Tanghetti says. “In the past, I did not treat Fitzpatrick skin type V and VI with my non- ablative devices. However, now I feel comfortable treating them with the PicoSure FOCUS Optic.”

You can read more about the FOCUS Optic in this post. AMP


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AFTER two PicoSure treatments (photos courtesy of Dr Alex Kaplan)



Your return on investment

Cynosure prides itself on helping practitioners and aesthetic business owners to capitalise on opportunities in the laser market.

The Cynosure ‘partnership’ extends beyond providing the product; incorporating marketing assistance, treatment training, and periodic servicing.

“Our Cynosure sales representatives have assisted us in marketing events at our practice, and also through
their own national marketing campaigns – which have increased traffic through our practice,” says Dr Tanghetti.
“The Cynosure service has been superb but, quite frankly, the PicoSure has proved to be the most reliable laser in my practice. Therefore, I have not required much service for this device.”

“This device, while a significant investment, paid for itself over a one-year period,” Dr Tanghetti says. “This direct return on investment came from a dramatic increase in our tattoo- removal population and from the ability to treat abnormalities of pigmentation and acne scars in populations previously untreatable. The positive feedback from my patients to the community has grown my entire practice.”

“Additionally, there has been considerable indirect ROI from owning the PicoSure system. I strive to stay on the cutting edge of new devices and therapies, and owning a machine like the PicoSure sends the message to my patients that I am committed to bringing them quality, innovative treatments,” he concludes.

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