The ultimate face and body fractional remodelling solution

Bring versatility to your practice and achieve three-dimensional skin contraction with Morpheus8 – the industry’s leading fractional RF microneedling technology for a variety of face and body treatments.

InMode’s Morpheus8 is a clinically proven fractional RF technology designed to remodel collagen and subdermal adipose tissue on the face and body.

Its triple action of fat coagulation, connective tissue contraction and sub-necrotic bulk heating provides practices with ‘maximum results, minimal downtime’ procedures.

Morpheus8 is designed with dual handpieces, four fractional tips with different pin configurations, to provide customised treatments to your patients looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, repair acne scarring, remodel areas of the face and body such as the periorbital area, forehead, inner arms, abdomen, buttocks and delicate female region.

Consisting of a matrix of 40 thin gold-coated microneedles and the ability to penetrate subdermal tissue up to 7mm (with an additional 1mm heat profile), Morpheus8 Body tip targets the Fibro Septal Network through an industry-first RF-Mediated Vulcanisation process resulting in 3D strengthening of the skin/adipose matrix.

The intelligent system automatically deploys bipolar RF energy to multi-level treatment depths in a single cycle. This ability to target tissue sequentially at three levels, in millisecond intervals, allows for a significant reduction in treatment times, minimises skin injury, increases treatment uniformity and enables customised full body fractional procedures.

Practitioners now have the versatility to treat both small and large areas of concern with one device.


with Dr George Calfas

Aesthetic Medical Practitioner asked Dr George Calfas, Founder of GMC Cosmedical clinics in Randwick and Narellan, about his experience with Morpheus8.

Dr George Calfas
Dr George Calfas

Q: Why do you use Morpheus8/Embrace RF platform in your clinics?

I had been using the InMode’s Fractora technology successfully for 7-8 years before Morpheus8 was introduced over a year ago. The technological advances of the new system were such that I re-invested in the new device when it was first introduced to Australia. A few months later, I purchased a second system. I have not looked back since!

Q: How has it benefitted your patient offering, in terms of bridging the gap between surgical and non-surgical?

This was the game changer for us in terms of treatment offerings to our patients.

All experienced cosmetic practitioners know that many patients want greater improvement to their face and neck concerns – skin laxity, rhytids, sagginess and sun damage – beyond what current medical procedures can offer them and that the next major step is moving on to surgery.

However, many patients are either not appropriate for surgery (surgery is not always the best choice) or simply not willing to go under the knife. This is the “gap” you will hear spoken of, between where medical leaves off and surgical takes up. There is a huge number of patients who fall into this gap. Our “game changer” is that with this new technology we now have new and more effective options to give visible and longer lasting improvements without resorting to surgery.

Q: What makes Morpheus8 stand apart from its competitors?

The technological advances, particularly in the range of safety features built into the system to make the treatments safer, makes this device stand out for me. The constant evolution of newer features and hand pieces being developed all the time further improve the effectiveness and range of our treatment options and the results achieved. This technology is not static; there is a lot of R&D being put into it.

Q: What are the benefits of Morpehus8’s multiple needle depths?

This is so important! To achieve the best and longest lasting results you not only need to achieve critical temperatures in specific layers in and under the skin (achieving this is quite revolutionary with this technology) but it is also important to treat the different layers accordingly to achieve both two- and three-dimensional contraction and tightening. This is only achievable by being able to reach and treat effectively different layer depths. Morpheus8 can treat all layers with its variable needle depth technology.

Q: Why is remodelling of subdermal adipose tissue important for producing optimal facial contouring and refinement?

Remodelling of the subdermal layers, or matrix, is the secret to the success of these treatments. It means inducing changes that will eventually cross-link and bind the collagen fibres to improve the strength, durability and elasticity of this layer. This remodelling results in the best and longest lasting results.

Q: What are the most common indications and patient populations you use Morpehus8 for?

The range of handpiece tips means that just about any area on the face and body, in both males and females of any age group, can be successfully treated. The most common requests, however, are for the face and neck for skin rejuvenation, such as regeneration, reduction of lines, tightening and contouring for the more mature patients, and improvement of acne scarring as well as active acne in younger patients. Body treatments are also in big demand – treatment of cellulite, lax skin and stretch marks being obvious indications.

Q: Morpheus8 can also be used in conjunction with surgical procedures. How does it help you to enhance surgical outcomes?

Morpheus8 can be used either before a surgical procedure to improve the skin quality and condition to make the surgical procedure more effective and, alternately, after the surgical procedure to further refine the surgical results.

Q: Where do you use it on the body? With what kinds of results?

The Morpheus8 was originally developed for face and neck treatments, however the new Morpheus8 Body handpiece with its longer 7mm needles opens up a new range of treatments on the body. Difficult problems such as crepey or lax skin, “mummy tummies”, lines, cellulite and stretch marks can be improved, and pockets of fat can be reduced. With minimal downtime, the results are generally very satisfying.

Q: What has patient satisfaction been like?

Patients like it! They see visible benefits from a treatment that is simple, effective and with minimal downtime and an excellent safety profile. Some have actually told me they are looking forward to their next treatment!

Q: Why would you recommend Morpheus8: a. to your patients; and b. to your colleagues?

Morpheus8 has opened new treatment doors to both the patient and the practitioner alike. Patients benefit from very effective procedures that are easy to tolerate, while practitioners benefit from the introduction of new options to treating historically difficult areas such as the neck as well as new areas previously unable to be treated such as the area above the knees and the armpit folds that poke over their bras.

Q: What has been your experience working with InMode?

InMode is a progressive and innovative R&D company that has years of clinical experience and truly understands what the patients and doctors need. They identified the “gap” in medical/surgical treatment issues and the limitations of existing treatment and went about successfully addressing these problems.

However, they won’t rest there. InMode continues to develop further refinements to their technology which will add future benefits to practitioners by simple upgrades to their machines. This way, practitioners will be able to keep up to date and benefit from the very latest developments.

“I am impressed by the quality and functionality of InMode’s devices. They display a lot of experience in the industry and a wealth of understanding of what the professional user as well as the patient needs and expects” Dr George M Calfas, MB.BS. , D.Phys.Med., D. Dermatology, FFMACCS, MPSA, GMC Cosmedical

InMode Morpheus8 treatment indications

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