MiraDry permanently reduces underarm sweat, odour, and hair in as little as one treatment, in one-hour, with immediate results.

Sweat & odour

Hyperhidrosis or excessive and persistent sweating, can have a serious effect on peoples’ quality of life. Those who suffer from excessive sweating and over sweating – even those who are bothered by sweating – can benefit from miraDry treatment. Many of your patients may be concerned with their underarm odour but are reluctant to mention it. One of the key advantages of miraDry is the odour reduction, which does not happen with other treatments.

Until now, treatments have not been fully satisfactory – older treatments such as antiperspirants are temporary and limited in effect; due to side effects medication cannot be used long-term; botulinum toxin injections can offer some relief but are painful; and less invasive treatments should still be considered before surgery, which can be costly and time consuming.

Promising news is that recent advances in technology can provide all those who suffer from excessive sweating and underarm odour a newfound confidence. Their sweating and odour can be controlled with miraDry, an effective, nonsurgical treatment. In more than 50 countries worldwide, market leader miraDry offers an innovative nonsurgical solution to hyperhidrosis. The miraDry treatment is delegable and can be fully nurse driven, not requiring the doctor’s presence at all. This is due to the new way the anaesthesia is delivered, via the syringe adapter.

No Sweat, No Odour

Manufactured in the USA and Distributed by Device Consulting, miraDry is the first and only TGA approved device for treating axillary (underarm) hyperhidrosis. This revolutionary treatment offers a reduction in sweat, odour and hair in 90 per cent of patients.

The miraDry system uses a non-invasive intuitive handpiece, which delivers precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the specific location of the sweat glands, destroying the sweat glands through thermolysis (decomposition by heat), while the top layers of the skin are simultaneously cooled, which protects the surrounding tissue.

The sweat glands do not grow back after treatment so the effect can be seen almost immediately and these dramatic results are lasting. One treatment may be enough, with 90% of patients are satisfied with just one treatment. Unlike other treatments, miraDry does not require maintenance treatments. The treatment is safe; as only the axilla houses only two per cent of the body’s sweat glands, they may be removed from the underarm, without stopping the body from effectively cooling itself. The treatment is non-invasive, there are no dangerous drugs or aluminium involved, and the patient avoids the risks of an ETS surgery. The device can be used on all skin types and produces a lasting and stable effect.

Protocol Update: miraDry Fresh

The new, optimised miraDry fresh treatment protocol offers several significant benefits:

  • The procedure time is faster, enabling miraDry treatments to be performed in one hour or less.
  • The revised anaesthesia process works with a five or seven needle syringe adapter instead of a cannula or long needle. It is simpler, faster, more precise and reproducible, which is less fearful for the patient and enables the treatment to be delegated more easily.
  • The syringe adapters have various configurations of gauges and lengths. The 30 gauge size is recommended so as to limit damage to the skin during insertion. The optimal needle length is four millimetres to ensure that the solution is delivered at the recommended depth of three to four millimetres. The use of small tubing connecting the syringe adapter to a 20cc syringe is advised for easy delivery of the fluid.
  • While the previous protocol recommended restricting the energy setting to level one on the upper parts of the axilla to protect the nerve, miraDry Fresh utilises energy level ve. The nerve can now be protected on this setting because the syringe adapter more precisely delivers anaesthesia and pushes the nerves away from the glands.
  • Improved treatment steps: miraDry Fresh begins with numbing the patient, before outlining the treatment area, injecting the recommended HVA volume and applying a template to mark the appropriate sizing holes. The previous miraDry model started with the anaesthesia, which would stretch the tattoo and alter the treatment area. miraDry offers an improved visual design, which simplifies the procedure, increases ease of use of the templates and provides better tattoo transfer to the treatment area.
  • The cooling period after each pulse has also been reduced, which shortens treatment time significantly. Clinical observation reports that this means more heat is retained in the treatment area, which may lead to better results. The new protocol has strengthened the miraDry treatment’s permanent reduction of excess sweat with lasting efficacy.
  • Improved results: 90 per cent of patients experience an 82 per cent long-term reduction in sweat, odour and hair in as little as one hour-long treatment.
  • With high patient satisfaction, short treatment time, high level permanent results and an easily delegated procedure, miraDry Fresh is a must-have for the clinical treatment of excessive sweating. AMP

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Key Benefits

• 90% of patients experience an 82% permanent sweat and odour reduction in one treatment
• up to 70% permanent hair reduction of all colours
• treatment fully delegable to nursing staff
• minimal discomfort
• over 110,000 treated worlwide with average 90% RealSelf ‘worth it’ rating.


‘I have great confidence in this procedure. Patients love it, with strict protocols nurses can perform it and overall it’s a great source of passive income for my practice.’ – Dr Scott Ingram, Form & Function Clinic, Brisbane.

‘While miraDry is still relatively new to our clinic, all of the patients we’ve treated so far have reported a smooth and well tolerated experience with
a high satisfaction rate. For those who are working in conditions where they might sweat or those who wear clothing at work which makes them worry about sweating, a treatment like miraDry can be extremely liberating.’ – Dr Andrew Clark, MIRA Clinic, Perth.

Device Specifications

Microwave output frequency 5.8 GHz
Microwave energy output 5 manufacturer defined set points (25 per cent range)
Coolant Integrated cooling system uses deionised water at 15°C
Vacuum -508 to -559mm of Hg (-20 to -22 inches of Hg)
Operating Voltage/Current 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz 10.56 Amps at 100 Volts,
8.8 Amps at 120 Volts, 4.4 Amps at 240 Volts
Dimensions 1.19m H x 0.52m W x 0.81m D (46.75” H x 20.25” W x 31.75” D)
With display folded down 0.90m H x 0.52m W x 0.81m D (35.25” H x 20.25” W x 31.75” D)
Weight 52.2 kg
Conforms to 5 international standards