Noblex from Cryomed is a 755Nm alexandrite laser for the indications of hair removal, pigmented lesions, melasma and gentle toning.

The Noblex 755nm Alexandrite laser is distributed in Australia by Cryomed. It’s effective for the indications of hair removal, pigmented lesions, melasma and gentle toning.

The system signifies the world’s fastest long pulse 755nm alexandrite laser and includes the first-ever, optional fractional handpiece for pigment and all-over skin toning.

“With the Noblex being an Alexandrite laser, we have a system that is widely accepted as ideal for fast, effective and safe hair removal,” explains cosmetic and laser specialist on the Gold Coast Dr John Stretch. “The 755nm wavelength can also be used to safely treat a number of benign pigmented lesions in a wide range of different skin types with a lower risk of side effects, compared to when using shorter wavelength lasers.”

The Noblex exhibits a high safety profile and delivers reliable results at various treatment parameters – for the removal of fine, medium and thick hair. “The Noblex laser has a choice of short to long pulse delivery modes, which enables us to vary the pulse width to best match hair thickness, hair colour, hair density and client skin type,” Dr Stretch explains. “Compared to other hair removal lasers, we are able to tune the Noblex laser to suit each individual client more effectively.”

The Noblex laser has a spot size of 2-20mm and can speed up to 10Hz – making it the fastest Long Pulse Alexandrite laser on the market. It uses a powerful 80 joules system with square pulse technology to afford efficacious results in typically treatment- resistant skin types.
“The 20mm spot size is the largest standard spot size available on the market today. This not only allows us to treat large areas quickly, it also gives greater effective depth of penetration to reach those deep stubborn hair follicles,” Dr Stretch explains.

“Because the Noblex affords such flexibility with pulse duration, we are able to select the most appropriate pulse width to match hair thickness, which relates to the volume of targeted chromophore.,” Dr Stretch adds. “Fortunately for darker skin types, with more melanin rich hair, this results in more efficient absorption of the laser light. So, while our darker skin patients may need one or two additional treatments, as long as the hair is darker then the skin our laser has the ability to differentiate and so achieve the desired clinical outcome.”

As with all hair-removal lasers, the Noblex is a single wavelength device. It uses the 755nm wavelength to deliver the safest, most effective results, across a wide patient demographic.

“This laser has greater absorption in melanin than diode lasers and we can therefore achieve better results then diode for lighter coloured hair types,” Dr Stretch explains. “The Noblex has greater flexibility when it comes to pulse width. This is important as we can set the pulse width to match both hair thickness and chromophore density of the hair.”

Treatment with Noblex does not require patient anaesthetic and involves minimal downtime for the patient following treatment.

There is also RCS gas cooling or optional air cooling handpiece to save costs and increase patient comfort during treatment.

“We use the Noblex Alexandrite laser in conjunction with our Cryo- Jet skin cooler which clicks onto the laser handset,” Dr Stretch explains. “This device delivers an adjustable cool air flow down to -30 degrees Celsius which makes the treatments comfortable.”
According to Dr Stretch, contraindications for the Noblex include patients with Fitzptarick skin type VI and those whose hair colour is lighter than their skin.

The Noblex ROI

The flexibility, results and efficiency possible with Noblex makes the laser a valuable addition to any practice. The versatility of the device – in both hair removal and pigmentation reduction – across a large patient demographic, means the Noblex has the capacity to generate a healthy return on investment, as Dr Stretch explains.

“The laser comes into its own especially for the treatment of pigment in darker skin types. So, as an investment, we’re able to utilise this device, not only for great hair removal results, but also for delivering safe and effective results in skin rejuvenation. An added bonus with the Noblex, is that its short 100ns pulse can be used for clearing green tattoo ink.”

Importantly, investing in the Noblex from Cryomed does not stop at purchase. Cryomed provides ongoing education, support and marketing assistance to ensure you’re making the most from your Cryomed device.

“I have been very happy with the support received from the Cryomed team. The Noblex sales process, delivery, commissioning and training all went very smoothly,” Dr Stretch explains. “I find Cryomed’s new patient information brochures for the clinic very useful. They go into detail regarding treatments so that when a patient presents, they have already been informed regarding the main points of the technology.”

But, as with any device in the aesthetic arena, the real return on investment is seen in patent satisfaction and treatment-plan adherence. “Patients are seeing faster results than they initially expected and they report minimal discomfort with the Noblex laser,” Dr Stretch says. “Overall, I am very pleased to have found an affordable high quality Alexandrite laser backed up by a responsive company.”


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