Cynosure is excited to announce their partnership with Elite Body Contouring in relation to the extension of the clinic’s portfolio with Cynosure’s StimSure® Technology, a state-of-the-art, non-invasive electromagnetic technology which builds and tones muscle.

This new addition to Elite Body Contouring’s portfolio now enables consumers to access a full body solution to define their physiques and tone muscle.

Get Your Confidence Back and Define Your Physique

Developed in conjunction with leading experts in international sports science and neuromuscular electromagnetic stimulation StimSure® is the latest generation muscle stimulation technology.

StimSure® is CE marked for muscular atrophy and can be used to strengthen and tighten the abdominal, gluteal and thigh muscles through methods of contraction and stimulation. The innovative device delivers up to 24,000 muscle contractions to the target area in just 30 minutes offering natural-looking, consistent results. The equivalent of 800 stomach crunches.

The StimSure® applicators generate an electromagnetic field that stimulates the motor neuron cells of the body’s muscles, causing the muscle to contract as it would during movement or exercise. A prolonged contraction, made by a series of individual twitch contractions back to back, creates a ‘maximal tetanic contraction’ that results in more efficient growth of muscle fibers. StimSure® uses 1.0 Tesla per applicator, providing an electromagnetic field that can engage the entire target muscle group, leading to visible results in fewer treatments.

“There is more to body contouring than fat reduction, every day we see an increasing number of consumers striving for a strong, more defined physique. StimSure®, is now able to address these concerns in a safe, swift and effective way.” – Paul Vujevic, Managing Director of Cynosure Australia.

With four pre-sets programs and the ability to create a personalised solution, consumers can visit a clinic and receive a tailored treatment plan designed to achieve their individual goals. StimSure® is simple to operate, with a secure fixing belt, and can be used through light clothing.

With no no recovery period or downtime, StimSure® is suitable for a wide range of patients, however it is not intended for weight loss. The technology is designed for those aiming to build and define their muscles to complement their fitness journey.

For optimum results, six to eight treatments (twice a week) are recommended. Best results are usually seen within 3-4 weeks after a full treatment plan has been implemented.

About Cynosure:

Cynosure designs, manufactures and markets medical devices for aesthetic procedures and precision surgical applications worldwide. The company’s products enable plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other medical practitioners to perform non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures to remove hair, treat vascular and benign pigmented lesions, remove multi-coloured tattoos, revitalise the skin, liquefy and remove unwanted fat through laser lipolysis and reduce cellulite.

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