Is your practice manager a member of the Australian Association of Practice Management?

Your practice requires skilled management. Private healthcare practice in Australia has evolved considerably over recent decades and the pace of change is continually increasing. External forces and changes in practitioner preferences are resulting in a shift away from smaller practitioner-owned practices to larger, corporately run practices.

The Australian Association of Practice Management (AAPM) defines a Practice Manager as someone who performs all or some of the Practice Management tasks in a healthcare setting and states their core principles:

• financial management
• human resource management
• planning and marketing
• information management
• risk management
• governance and organisational dynamics
• business and clinical operations
• professional responsibility

A skilled practice manager is crucial to the success of a health care practice not just for the delivery of quality healthcare to your patients but also to ensure the growth, efficiency and profitability of your medical practice.

A great practice manager will bring an understanding of the healthcare system and be open to, and informed of, opportunities created by technology, patient consumerism and marketing, plus funding, legislation and compliance. They will also fully understand the demography of your health community or population.

The complexities and challenges of running a healthcare practice increase every day. Undeniably the skills that were required to run a healthcare practice even five years ago are not the same as the skills required today. It is therefore essential that your practice manager has appropriate qualifications and constantly seeks ongoing professional development to ensure currency and an understanding of the changing face of primary healthcare.

What does the AAPM offer?

Founded in 1979, the AAPM is a non-profit, national peak association recognised as the professional body dedicated to supporting effective practice management in the healthcare profession.

The AAPM represents and unites practice managers, promoting professional development and the code of ethics through leadership and education. It also provides specialised services, networks and resources to support quality practice management and key staff.

The AAPM has an inspiring schedule of educational events, workshops and networking in 2017. For busy people, the eSeminar program offers 10 efficient one-hour sessions of online training on a variety of subjects from tender writing to performance conversations, right through to preventing practice fraud.

The right practice manager can transform a practice into a healthy, thriving, profitable and sustainable business where patients receive quality care, operations run efficiently, and clinicians and staff are happy.

Join the AAPM today and receive access to an excellent pool of resources, educational events and active Member Forum to exchange ideas, information and resources with industry peers. Visit or call 1800 196 000.

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