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    Aesthetics 2019

    Sofitel Wentworth Sydney, Australia

    This 2.5-day conference aims to create an interactive, non-political platform where all practitioners of cosmetic medicine can participate in every aspect of facial injectable innovation.

    With an emphasis on the practical aspects of our daily practice, the program will focus on all areas relating to injectables, skin health and associated therapies.

    Traditional academic lectures will be kept to a minimum, with the focus more on carefully curated dynamic presentations by leading authorities in each field.

    There will be comprehensive live demonstrations of fillers and neuromodulator injections by local and international experts and sessions range from the basics to advanced techniques and procedures. We will showcase tips and tricks to enhance your practice along with panel discussions addressing industry needs and current trends in aesthetic medicine.

    The ultimate goal is to boost industry growth through elevating all standards of non-surgical therapy.

    Aesthetics 2019 provides the unique environment for all disciplines to share, learn and advance TOGETHER.

    I look forward to welcoming you to Aesthetics 2019.

    Dr Steven Liew
    Convenor Aesthetics 2019

    For more information see www.conveneit.com/secure/aesthetics/conf-2019/

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