PiQo4 is a new Photoacoustic Picofractional treatment offering unParalleled Performance for Pigment and tattoo removal.

The PiQo4 by Lumenis is a skin rejuvenation, pigment and tattoo removal laser representing the highest level of innovation and next-wave technology.

Its standout features include nano and picosecond laser pulses, four wavelengths, high energy output, deep reach and the option of small to very large spot sizes, allowing the shattering of deep dermal pigments and full clearance of a wide range of coloured tattoos, with faster results and shorter treatment times.

The PiQo4 laser uses non-thermal PicoFractional technology, which converts light into sound waves to create microscopic holes deep within the dermis known as Laser Induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB). The photoacoustic beam creates pressure waves that initiate an enhanced inflammatory healing response, resulting in increased production of collagen and elastin. This is combined with high energy that reaches deep to shatter multiple types of pigments to achieve brighter and more even skin tone and to remove unwanted tattoos.

Photoacoustics does not cause any thermal injury, thereby resulting in reduced risk of thermal complications. Since heat is not the primary source of energy, all skin types and colours can be treated – this is of particular importance for Asian skin rejuvenation and darker skin tones.

In addition, because the photoacoustic energy and PicoFractional technology treat tiny areas at a time, the surrounding healthy tissues remain intact and unaffected, leading to minimal downtime and recovery.

Pico + Nano = Results2

Delivering both nanosecond and picosecond pulses is the optimal method for shattering pigment particles, according to some clinical studies. Large ink particles respond better to longer pulse durations (nanosecond), while small particles respond better to shorter pulse durations (picosecond).

Using a rocks-to-sand analogy, first the nanosecond pulses are used to break down the larger and deeper pigment or ink particles, effectively changing them from ‘rocks’ to ‘pebbles’. Next the picosecond pulses dismantle the smaller and shallower particles, turning the ‘pebbles’ into ‘sand’, offering better results than using either one of the technologies on its own.

Deeper reach, larger zones, shorter treatment times PiQo4 offers up to 15 spot sizes, ranging from 2mm to 15.5mm, with a large uniform spot size almost four times larger than many other similar systems.

This means it has the potential to treat larger dark spots and tattoos more effectively. Additionally, because it can address a larger area, treatments are now faster than before.
PiQo4’s larger spot sizes allow deeper penetration into the dermis and better dispersal of the pigment or embedded ink particles. Studies have demonstrated that treatment with a large spot size at low fluences significantly decreases any occurrence of blistering, discoloration or scarring on the skin’s surface, since the energy is being spread over a wider area.

Another advantage is that the high energy levels of PiQo4 allow pigment and tattoo removal with fewer treatments. PiQo4 provides up to 10 times more energy for both 1064nm and 532nm (650mJ & 325mJ respectively) wavelengths. They can be set as either nano or pico, making them suitable for use with both, for dual pulse treatments.

PiQo4 also offers an accurate calibration that can be calibrated to each treatment through the handpiece, ensuring no loss of power.

4 wavelengths for advanced ink clearance

With PiQo4, Lumenis has created a treatment to erase a rainbow of colours. Since each pigment color absorbs a specific wavelength, it o ers four wavelengths – 1064nm, 532nm, 650nm and 585nm – to target nine of the most frequently used tattoo colours, ranging from light orange to dark black. As such, the PiQo4 can treat the broadest range of pigment and tattoo colours on the widest range of skin types. AMP

Unique technology, unique advantages

  • Combination of pico and nanosecond yields optimal results
  • High energy levels for shorter and fewer treatments
  • Deep reach with large 15mm spot size
  • Four wavelengths for shattering nine popular tattoo ink colours

PiQo4 indications

  • Pigmentation and lesions
  • Skin irregularities
  • General skin toning and rejuvenation for face and hands
  • Facial lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Photoageing
  • Vascular lesions


For more information call 1800 586 364 www.lumenis.com aesthetic.au@lumenis.com

Backed By Lumenis Marketing & Customer Support

Whether you are a small clinic just starting out or a well-established enterprise, Lumenis has created a ve-step Launch Program to ensure your skin treatment and pigment/tattoo removal business is operating at its best.

The Lumenis Launch Program:

1.Education and Generating Excitement
• Lumenis clinical training & installation
• Best practice treatment plans for patient assessment diagnosis
• Proven, impressive patient results to drive word-of-mouth and repeat business

2.Staff Treatments
• Initial sta treatments – both giving (state law will govern who can operate a laser) and receiving – getting accustomed to settings
• Familiarising medical staff with procedure

3.Staff Training / Front Desk
• Front office training
• Development of consultation strategies
• FAQ – Addressing frequently asked treatment questions
• Register practice on Lumenis Physician Finder website

4.Internal Practice Marketing
• 90-day Lumenis Integration Plan – benchmarks to success
• Loyalty programs for returning patients
• Treatment promotions
• Email template to existing patients

5.External Marketing
• Print marketing materials (banners, brochures, posters)
• Business/co-business relationship ideas
• Graphic support for web and ad images


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