The next generation of plasma technology, the NEOGENTMEVO converts nitrogen gas into plasma energy to treat the whole skin architecture for effective regeneration.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter and the current buzzword in aesthetic treatments. The NEOGEN EVO System utilises Nitrogen Plasma Technology, which delivers controlled heating to the skin to stimulate a signi cant physiological response, without creating an open wound. The nitrogen purges the skin of any O2 so, unlike ablative technologies, there is no epidermal vaporisation or charring caused at the time of treatment.

Backed by clinical papers1, this technology has been quickly adopted in the US market where there are now over 900 devices in action since its introduction there.

NEOGEN EVO is the only plasma device which leaves no ‘dots’ or charring on the patient’s skin and it can also be used safely around the eyelids without the use of occular guards or safety goggles.

In addition, the system has a unique patent for Skin Rejuvenation and is FDA cleared for seven indications2, CE Marked and TGA approved. FDA Indications for use statement reference K132754.


The unique energy delivered by NEOGENTMEVO is non-fractional and not dependant on a chromophore for its uptake. This provides uniform energy absorption, ensuring consistent treatment of the skin. At high energies it also supports significant tightening.

In this way, the entire skin surface is regenerated with no untreated islands, contributing to improved tightening, colour, texture and tone, as well as the removal of pre- cancerous skin lesions. Treating the entire skin structure ensures optimal results with associated neo-collagenesis and neo-elastogenesis – the generation of new collagen and elastin fibres.

Post treatment

Post treatment, the epidermis acts as a natural dressing to provide protection and speed up healing, compared with lasers which have inherent complications and risk. There is an increased permeability of the skin barrier allowing increased absorption of topical preparations through the skin, enabling faster recovery and combination therapies.


Between the Zone of Thermal Damage (ZTD) and the Zone of Thermal Modification (ZTM), a line of cleavage becomes evident, where the new epidermis forms. NEOGENTMEVO uniquely enables the practitioner to control the depth of this line of cleavage by adjusting the level of energy delivered to the skin. It has 12mm spot size – low energy and 7mm spot size – high energy, and the interface has different user logins for the different energy levels, so that different practitioners may operate the system. The device also has a built in self-calibrating feature that activates after every 50 shots. AMP

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1 Clinical papers available on request.
2. FDA Indications for use statement reference K132754.


Power: 100-120 I 230 Vrms -50/60 Hz -650 Va
Energy Output:
Pulsed nitrogen plasma
1.0 – 4.0 Joules
Repetition Rate:
1.0 – 2.5Hz
470 x 430 x 1060mm
Gas Requirement:
Medical Grade Nitrogen
System Weight: 18kg / 401b
Trolley Weight: 25kg / 551b
(excludes gas tank)
Ambient Environment:
0 to 40 Celsius
Relative Humidity:
30 to 75%
Atmospheric Pressure:
ORE 70.0 to 106.0 kpa
ARTG: 311907


Skin resurfacing

Skin regeneration

Soft blepharoplasty


Skin tightening

Wrinkle reduction


Active acne

Acne scarring

stretch marks

Photo damage


Pre-cancerous lesions

Viral papillomata

For face, neck and body