Welcome to the our Aesthetic Medicine news roundup, 04 June 2021.

News Roundup

Social media sites have revolutionized the way plastic surgeons market their practice
Social media sites – especially Instagram – have revolutionized the way plastic surgeons market their practice. These platforms allow surgeons to post testimonials, educational videos, and before-and-after photos.

Three Marketing Lessons Any Business Can Learn From Cosmetic Surgery Marketing
Every industry is different. What’s an effective strategy for one industry (or even one company in one industry) could be completely ineffective in another. That said, there are some connectors.

The Mesmerizing Pull of Plastic Surgery Videos
Procedures used to be done in secret, but in the post-Kardashian world, transparency is just part of the process.

Regenerative Skin Care Realities
Skin care companies are marketing regenerative topicals featuring stem cells, exosomes, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). But do they work? And is it safe to use stem cells, exosomes, and PRP in skin care?

AbbVie’s aesthetics products bounce back, smoothing investors’ pandemic-induced worry lines: report
AbbVie’s $63 billion acquisition of Allergan was motivated in large part by the Illinois-based company’s belief in the blockbuster wrinkle treatment Botox—and its growth prospects.


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