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  • Thu

    [AMS] The battle against the descent – ageing of the face relevant to the filler injector

    2:00 amOnline

    Whilst ageing is inevitable, with the plethora of knowledge we have in addition to the advanced technologies available today, we can reduce the appearance of its effects quite significantly.

    In this webinar, Dr Jesper Thulesen will be sharing his knowledge and expertise on facial ageing and the different injection techniques one can implement, to restore volume and lift areas of the face. Dr Thulesen will decode the pre-programmed facial ageing changes that drive patients into clinics, discuss how to strengthen the facial suspensory apparatus and create a backbone for future treatment plans, tailored to the individual patient.

    Dr. Jesper THULESEN
    Oculoplastic Surgeon, Denmark

    Dr Jesper Thulesen is an Oculoplastic Surgeon / Aesthetic Physician with a focus on non-permanent fillers, botulinum toxin, and skin laser devices. He is a Masterclass trainer and complication expert advisor for Allergan/Abbvie Aesthetics. Clinic locations: Copenhagen and Odense, Denmark.

    Thursday, 4 February - 2:00 am (Sydney)

    Wednesday, 3 February - 3:00 pm (London) - 4:00 pm (Copenhagen, Paris) - 10:00 pm (Bangkok) - 10:00 am (New York)


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