Visiting the aesthetic doctor’s office has now become a highly Instagrammable experience. We chat with Dr Joseph Hkeik about his vision behind his luxurious Double Bay clinic.

If we judge a book by its cover, Dr Joseph Hkeik’s All Saints Clinic in Sydney’s Double Bay certainly knows how to make a first impression.

Housed in a freestanding two-storey terrace, the Double Bay wellness-clinic-meets-art-gallery is a fusion of 21st century minimalism and Art Deco, with an East meets West flair. Collaborating with Blainey North (the interior designer behind James Packer’s and Nicole Kidman’s homes), the luxe clinic was 10 years in the making and each and every element of the space has been painstakingly planned and sourced.

‘Blainey embraced the brief that the clinic be quiet and discreet on the outside, but feature artisanal luxury and custom detailing on the inside,’ says Hkeik. ‘She respected my vision and elevated it to a very stylish level.’

The clinic, which includes six treatment rooms, a skin consultation room with a makeup and photography station, as well as a meditation zone, was conceived as if two perpendicular mirrors were joined and angled, creating an unexpected reflection and fragment of the human form.

Upon entry, patients are greeted by a hand-woven gold metal screen by French artisan Sophie Mallebranche. A screen of silver threads, handwoven by Tibetan monks, cascade behind the reception desk.

In the waiting room, natural light filters through semi-sheer drapery, adding life to the variety of textures used – felt-lined walls, velvet cushions, plush throws, wool upholstery and silk wallpaper. Even the ceiling is luxuriously fitted, in this case with Armani silk and lurex wallpaper. Teamed with deep grey, fabric walls, and an uplit golden ceiling, the effect is magical.

“I wanted every surface to be textural, like the skin we treat,” says Dr Hkeik.

The waiting room adds a personal touch with Dr Hkeik’s own sculptures, black and white photographs and books on display, as well as commissioned East-meets-West artworks and a marble fireplace. The ambience is peaceful and serene with the warmth needed to make patients feel welcomed and wrapped in comfort. ‘It’s a very personal space, as though I live here (which I virtually do),’ he says.

‘The dome ceiling in the VIP treatment room is painted with silver leaf; it has no angles, so you feel like you’re floating in a cloud,’ he says.

His interest in fashion and photography is evident in pieces from his private art collection throughout the clinic. In his office, his sartorial style is complemented by an embossed indigo leather desk, suiting wool clad walls, Loro Piana cashmere covered chairs and rare Macassar timbers.

Art, artistry and aesthetic enhancement

Dr Hkeik has an innate passion for the arts, so it’s no wonder his career path evolved to embrace both art and medicine. ‘As a boy, I was intrigued by the way my mother could transform a flat piece of fabric into a beautiful dress,’ he recalls. ‘She always inspired me to be creative and encouraged me to tap into my artistic side.’

It was her influence that awoke his inner creative and led him on his artistic path. ‘As a result I have sculpted since I was a child as well as visited art galleries around the world, especially sculpting exhibitions.”

In his teenage years, Dr Hkeik would spend hours sculpting the human form. ’I have always appreciated the behind-the-scenes journey to make something beautiful,’ he says. Further, while earning his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree from Sydney University, he also attended the National Art School where he studied drawing, ceramics and painting.

His philosophy is that the human physique goes beyond perfect symmetry and that true beauty is found in the unexpected aspects of the face. To this end, he says, he has developed ways to rejuvenate the face without changing the character behind it.

‘I take pride in elevating my client’s beauty and never inject a new image into their face,’ he says. ‘Authenticity is at the heart of my work. Being an artist has given me the confidence to create without hesitation and has helped me to remain very natural in my approach. I take pride in my results and I will only do a procedure if I truly believed it is going to make my clients more attractive.’

Time out

Travel is high on Dr Hkeik’s list of priorities, with one of his favourite places to visit being India. ‘It’s just good for the soul,’ he says. ‘I also love Paris, of course, for the art and architecture and Italy for cherished family memories. The first and only holiday I had with my parents was in Italy about six years ago. My father has passed away since then and I often reflect on the time we spent together. My family has been such strong force in my life, despite all the challenges life has thrown their way.’

‘If I had more time, I would live three months of every year in another country and learn about the culture in depth,’ he says. ‘But the reward for the time I spend in my practice is the transformation I create. I receive lots of email and messages from clients expressing how life changing their experience at All Saints Clinic has been. I get so much joy knowing we are helping the world be a happier place.’ AMP

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