The South Pacific Cosmetic Academy in Mosman is Sydney’s newest training facility for thread lifting and various non-surgical procedures.

Thread lifting is an ever-evolving methodology – ongoing research into techniques and applications constantly reveals new indications for treatment and fresh possibilities in reaching a wider patient demographic. For this reason, practitioner training is key to delivering optimal results and making the most of thread lifting in-clinic.

YOU Cosmetic Clinic by Mara Aesthetics in Mosman, Sydney, is renowned for delivering effective, consistent and innovative results in thread lifting. Now, the South Pacific Cosmetic Academy has opened next door.

The Academy, also launched by Mara Aesthetics, is an independent and professional training facility for aesthetic treatment training. It signifies the newest go-to destination for doctors hoping to boost the non-invasive branch of their practice – particularly in thread lifting.

To celebrate the Academy’s opening, the father of Promoitalia threads, Italian plastic surgeon Dr Ciro Accardo, delivered a weekend of training and a launch-night presentation on the benefits of thread lifting and the particular technology of Promoitalia threads.

“There are more than 85 different thread lifting techniques,” Dr Accardo explains. “Training is vital in achieving the best results. Threads can be used on the face, breasts, buttocks, vagina, and around the body – training on each of these areas is essential.”

Dr Accardo describes thread- lifting technology as revolutionary. Promoitalia absorbable threads use small soft barbs that cling to, and create micro-injuries, in the soft facial tissue. This triggers neocollagenesis and creates a support scaffolding for collagen production in the skin.

“Threads can replace volume, sculpt contours and redefine lines,” Dr Accardo explains. “Just like everything, threads have their place in cosmetic surgery. For example, injectables certainly fill volume but don’t do anything to promote rejuvenation – threads do. They can be used as a stand-alone treatment and adjunct to other cosmetic procedures.”

The South Pacific Cosmetic Academy is a centre where practitioners can realise the potential of thread lifting and various non- surgical procedures in practice. It’s a state-of-the-art surgical facility, designed to host independent training seminars in aesthetic treatments.

The potential of thread lifting is a driving force behind the opening of the Academy. The treatments and results possible using Promoitalia threads places the technology at the forefront of the aesthetic sector. The ever-growing consumer interest into thread lifting, alongside the constantly emerging indications and techniques, means a training centre is a necessity to keep practitioners up-to-date and educated.

“Careful product placement is necessary in addressing different contours and creating aesthetic symmetry, as these lines differ between each individual,” Dr Accardo adds. “Training is everything. Appropriate training
on the various techniques is very important – thread lifting is not a generic procedure, it is tailor-made for each individual patient.” AMP

For more information call South Pacific Cosmetic Academy or Mara Aesthetics 0410 640 437

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