Deka, distributed in Australia by High Tech Laser, is a leading power in the world of medical and aesthetic laser technology.

DEKA is a company based on excellence. Its research, production and philosophy – in fact, even its name – represents the epitome of excellence in performance. DEKA means the number ‘ten’ in Greek and, according to Pythagoras, 10 is considered the perfect number.

DEKA has prided itself on an innovative corporate culture that has produced a long-history of world-first innovations in aesthetic medicine. Since the mid-nineties the company has developed the world’s first long- pulse Nd:YAG, the first laser lipolysis system, the first monochromatic exicmer light @308nm, the innovative Smartxide DOT Therapy ablative fractional laser system, the first 20mm spot-size, 3hz Alexandrite laser, and, more recently, the world-first MonaLisa Touch vaginal regeneration laser. Founded in 1981, DEKA has grown to become Europe’s number one manufacturer of medical and aesthetic lasers. Thirty years on, the company supplies laser systems to over 80 countries worldwide. In Australia, DEKA is represented by one of the industry’s most reputable laser companies, High Tech Laser.

DEKA invests a high percentage of its turnover into research and development. Since its foundation,its researchers have promoted and collaborated with leading scientific research centers globally.

Recently, DEKA’s internal research and development department produced the MonaLisa Touch system for the treatment of vaginal atrophy, a condition that affects almost half of all post- menopausal women. In addition, there are other developments underway in several areas, including new systems for robot-assisted micro-invasive surgery. DEKA’s expertise extends across numerous fields of medicine – including aesthetic medicine, dermatology, gynaecology, gastroenterology, ENT, neurology, dentistry and surgical applications. Such a strong history of innovation, reliability and quality has positioned DEKA as a manufacturer of choice for aesthetic practices worldwide and an ideal partner for Australian practices seeking out quality treatments for their patients. AMP




Production of CO2 laser systems for dermatology, surgery and therapy.
Studies on lasers for therapy which gave rise to the High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) invention.

World-wide launch of the first long pulse Nd:YAG laser system.
Patenting of the Smartlipo system for Laserlipolysis.


Introduction of the first pulsed light system with patented UPL technology.
Presentation of the Smartbleach© teeth whitening system.


Launch of the first MEL@308nm source with the Excilite system.
Development of the first fractional CO2 SmartXide system for DOT Therapy and Madonna Lift treatment.


Presentation of the new TriActive+ system and developing of V2LR method (Vulvo-Vaginal Laser Reshaping).
Launch of the first combined CO2 laser and RF source: the DOT Therapy evolves into DOT/RF.


Launch of the MonaLisa Touch treatment (patent pending HiScan V2LR).

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