Catherine Biedermann, Managing Director of Advanced Cosmeceuticals, shares the highlights and challenges behind the success of the company.

advcos-catherineON THE COMPANY’S GROWTH

Ten years ago, when Advanced Cosmeceuticals purchased the distribution rights for SkinCeuticals, cosmeceutical brands and products were still in their infancy.

SkinCeuticals was one of only a few cosmeceutical brands with an esteemed reputation and proven results, and we recognised the potential of this exceptional brand and its standing as a pioneer in the cosmeceutical landscape.

Based on the success we achieved with SkinCeuticals, we decided to research other interesting new cosmeceutical brands. We have always been clear of our expectations of what the manufacturer and their brand/ products must offer. For a brand to become part of the Advanced Cosmeceuticals portfolio, they need o provide clinical evidence, in-house R&D facilities, work with the latest technology and be an innovator.

We considered and reviewed many brands. However, it was the UK-based brand Medik8 that we decided to take on board and introduce into Australia. We are so glad – Medik8 has been such a success that it is now our number- one brand in our stable of brands.

Mesoestetic and DNA Renewal followed, offering a unique point of difference as they cater to the advanced salons and medical clinics. The latest brand addition has been Lycogel, a breathable camouflage makeup brand that was developed to use post-laser or following more invasive skincare treatments and is now also used as everyday application.

Whilst we also carried a spa brand for a couple of years, we decided to carve a niche in the industry by specialising in high quality cosmeceutical brands, focusing more on the clinical and medical field.

Another progressive step for Advanced Cosmeceuticals was when we launched our medical laser division in 2014. Lutronic, a Korean based manufacturer of high- end laser and non-laser devices, offered us the opportunity to be their distributor in Australia after we achieved strong sales with their LED device, Healite II which we’ve been selling since 2013.

We are now very proud of our comprehensive portfolio of advanced cosmeceutical skincare brands that all have a clearly identified positioning in the market, supported by a range of the most technologically advanced laser and non-laser devices.


Over the past 10 years, many new cosmeceutical brands have entered the market; some with very good clinical support, others taking advantage of the new trend.

Australian-made cosmeceutical brands have entered the market over the past few years, and imported brands have became available online. This has affected most distributors of US or European brands who had a degree of monopoly in the cosmeceutical field. The result: prices dropped and margins increased with professionals and consumers alike benefiting from these changes.

The challenge for brands under the Advanced Cosmeceuticals umbrella has been ensuring that the consumer understands the need for a professional clinician to assess their skin needs rather than self-assessment and purchasing products solely online. Over time, we have found a delicate balance of ensuring the end user can purchase selectively online but not at the expense of visiting a clinic or therapist for professional treatments and skin assessments.

We have also seen a continual rise of aesthetic devices over the past 10 years, which has resulted in consumers pursuing more non-invasive procedures as an enhancement option.

However, the main challenge is that 10 years ago, there was a clear understanding of what a salon, spa, medi spa or clinic stands for and what the client can expect. Today, the medical field is expanding into the beauty field and salons are offering more advanced treatments and modalities. The lines have become somewhat blurred, but this has also opened many opportunities for both clinics and medical practices to expand their business and services which is why we believe we can meet this challenge with our comprehensive range of high-performing cosmeceutical brands and devices.


We are in a fortunate position to have access to a premium portfolio of cosmeceutical brands, which are high performing, scientifically backed and have proven results.

As a company, we seek to work with brands that are continuously researching new ingredients and delivery technologies. All the brands we work with are constantly seeking to improve, develop and evolve their range. This results in them launching new and innovative products and devices, while also improving and upgrading existing formulations and technology to stay at the forefront.

If you look at a company like Mesoestetic for instance, they received the Entrepreneurial Excellence 2014 award from leading Spanish business magazine, Dirigentes Magazine. This was in recognition of their commitment to research. Indeed, 40% of Mesoestetic’s profits are invested in research and development and it’s this type of commitment to R&D evident across all the brands we work with that enables us to offer products and devices that really are at the pinnacle of innovation.


The ability to provide partners/ accounts with a strong portfolio of cosmeceutical skincare as well as leading equipment and technology, all of which are customised to suit the individual practice, definitely makes us an appealing option for many clinics and practices who prefer to deal with one reputable supplier.
Our product and equipment trainers provide ongoing support to our clients with in-house training and workshops, and our marketing team helps with launch offers, VIP nights and marketing material and product samples, as well as promotional opportunities. We also hold seminars with international trainers and speakers, which allow access to a wealth of global information and education. It’s our mission that our clients are given the tools to constantly adapt, learn and acquire the knowledge and confidence required to both improve and grow their business and gain a competitive edge.

We are very proud to say that most of our staff, from head office to our BDMs, have been with the company for many years. Our clients appreciate dealing with the same BDM and not having to go through constant staff changes.

Our clients also appreciate that they receive support at every level from head office, marketing, their BDM to our sales support network.

The advantage that Advanced Cosmeceuticals as a company has to offer is that we are big enough to be able to provide integrated business solutions for all salons, clinics and practices but we do so with a customised and personalised approach. AMP

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