Elizabeth Arden Pro, distributed in Australia by True Solutions, is a skincare line developed by leaders in skin science. Learn how it can help diversify your practice and boost your value offering.

Diversifying income is key in ensuring the sustainability of a healthy practice, but many doctor-centred practices fail to do this well. The typical doctor will spend years developing a single income source – their expertise – but what of other opportunities for generating income that remain overlooked?

Skincare is a valuable form of passive income that can generate additional revenue in-clinic, while also building patient trust and clinic authority.

Similarly, skin treatments that can be performed by nurses or beauty practitioners can keep revenue coming in when the doctor is not in-clinic and, over time, these treatments can form a fully functioning arm of the practice.

Elizabeth Arden PRO is a skincare line which is only available at leading clinics and medi-spas, distributed in Australia by True Solutions. It is the perfect tool for expanding your practice to encompass effective skin treatments and reputable, results- driven skincare. “With Elizabeth Arden PRO, we have an opportunity to provide skin therapists and clients with some of the most advanced skincare technology,” explains US research scientist Joseph A. Lewis II.

The collaboration between Lewis and one of the most established global prestige beauty products companies, Elizabeth Arden, first began in 2005 with the launch of Prevage. Since then, the collaboration has developed a range of skincare and chemical peels under the brand Elizabeth Arden PRO.

What consumers want

Commonly, patients’ first port of call in improving the condition of their skin is investigating skincare with the advice of a professional.

The Elizabeth Arden PRO products have been categorised into five simple regimens – Problem- prone, Brightening, Age Defying, Hydration and Sensitivity. This makes for easy patient attraction and conversion, and the targeted solutions deliver measurable, tailored results.

The Elizabeth Arden PRO line also incorporates chemical peels to treat specific patient concerns in-clinic and keep patients engaged and invested in skin health.

Sunscreen isn’t enough – why the fundamentals are necessary

Although traditional sunscreens remain the mainstay for the prevention of UVR-induced skin damage, a study by Emanuele, E, Spencer, J, and Braun, M, published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (2014), shows they cannot ensure complete protection against the whole spectrum of molecular lesions associated with UVR exposure.

In a head-to-head comparison, these authors tested the efficacy of three key ingredients combined – a physical sunscreen (SPF), a DNA repair enzyme complex, and an antioxidant complex – in protecting skin against the formation of critical cellular biomarkers for premature skin ageing and non-melanoma skin cancer.

The researchers found the three components had a synergistic effect in reducing certain moleceular lesions associated with UVR exposure. The formulation helped reduce the formation of helix-distorting photoproducts such as cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers (CPD) and the irreversible protein damage known as protein carbonylation. The authors state that the product “improves the genomic and proteomic integrity of skin cells after repeated exposure to UVR, ultimately reducing the risk of skin ageing and non-melanoma skin cancer.”

Innovative ingredients

Elizabeth Arden PRO is based on science, with the Skin Health & Beauty PyramidTM forming the backbone of the range.

This pyramid outlines the most efficacious ingredients in topical skincare for optimal skin health – including peptides, growth factors, retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids, SPF protection, antioxidants and DNA enzymes – and defines their role in establishing, transforming and optimising skin health.

Research-based, cutting-edge technologies are the cornerstone of the Elizabeth Arden PRO range. For example, AHA Retinoid Conjugate is a patent-pending, biologically designed, single molecule that helps reduce the irritation and side effects normally associated with retinoids. Similarly, Alyll PQQ is another patent-pending complex that uses mitochondrial stimulating antioxidants designed to combat free radicals and promote healthy cell function.

“We believe the combination of these technologies offer new and simple solutions for clients’ skin conditions with improved efficacy, reduced irritation and therefore better results overall,” Lewis concludes.

How the Pyramid works

The Skin Health & Beauty PyramidTM was developed during an extensive review by thought leaders in aesthetic medicine. It is a tool harnessed by Elizabeth Arden PRO to provide education for patients and to help busy professionals guide their patients in choosing an efficacious skincare program.

The base of the Pyramid encompasses the ‘fundamental’ must-have ingredients of skin protection: SPF, antioxidants and DNA enzymes. These ingredients work synergistically to afford the most comprehensive daily skin protection. According to an article published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (2014) by Mayoral, Kenner and Draelos, these essential ingredients provide a new standard in topical skin protection to help minimise the visible signs of skin ageing.

The Elizabeth Arden PRO hero product – Triple Action Protector – is based on a complex, novel formulation that effectively combines these three actives. Traditional physical sunscreen is used alongside a liposome-encapsulated DNA repair enzymes complex (photolyase, endonuclease, and 8-oxoguanine glycosylase [OGG1]), and a potent antioxidant complex (carnosine, arazineTM, ergothionine).

Above this, the core of the pyramid includes those technologies necessary for skin transformation, including moisturisation, chemical exfoliation and retinoids to increase cellular turnover. Finally, the top of the pyramid represents those ingredients that are effective in optimising results, but are not necessarily critical to achieving a positive outcome.

The article by Mayoral, et al explains that the goals of the Skin Health & Beauty PyramidTM for the patient include:
– Educate on the deleterious effects of photoageing on skin health
– Provide a hierarchical ordering of key cosmeceutical categories with regard to beneficial impact on the skin, so that appropriate usage choices can be made
– Serve as a reference to help patients supplement or scale back on their skincare regimen as needed, without compromising essential skincare.

The pyramid also works to simplify product choices for practitioners and help them guide patients towards the optimal use of topical products to achieve the best, most sustainable outcomes.

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