Elizabeth Arden Pro is a new line of cosmeceuticals. The range is an amalgamation of the brand’s strength, history and leadership in skin health.

A passive income stream has the capacity to take an aesthetic medical practice from strength to strength. Stocking skincare can be an effective and trouble-free way to boost clinic profits and enhance patient loyalty.

Now, one of the most well-known and respected names in skincare has turned ‘pro’. Elizabeth Arden PRO, distributed in Australia by True Solutions, is a cutting-edge cosmeceutical line designed to deliver results and boost customer loyalty. Indeed, the popularity and reputation of the Elizabeth Arden name is sure to catch the eye – and spending – of even the most discerning patient.

The Skin Health & Beauty Pyramid

Skin Health & Beauty Pyramid

The line is based on clinical trials and the Skin Health & Beauty Pyramid philosophy, which is a simple educational tool for staff and clients. It addresses the necessary ingredients required in topical products for optimum skin health and beauty.

The Elizabeth Arden skincare strategy combines high concentrations of active ingredients. “The range addresses key skin conditions in four simple regimens – Problem Prone, Brightening, Age Defying and Hydration. It also encompasses professional-strength in-clinic chemical peels to provide fast, visible results with minimal downtime.

New, patent-pending technologies signify the keystone of the PRO line. AHA Retinoid Conjugate is a patent-pending, biologically designed, single molecule that helps reduce the irritation and side effects normally associated with retinoids. Allyl PQQ is a patent-pending mitochondrial antioxidant complex designed to scavenge free radicals and help promote new healthy mitochondria.

“With Elizabeth Arden PRO, we have an opportunity to provide therapists and clients with some of our most advanced skincare technology,” says Joe Lewis, CEO of US CosmeceuTechs, LLC.

“We believe the combination of these technologies offer new and simple solutions for clients’ skin conditions with improved efficacy, reduced irritation and therefore better overall results.”

If you haven’t already gone down the passive income path, Skincare could provide an unexplored avenue for profits in your practice.
With a body of research behind the range, Elizabeth Arden PRO embodies all those elements essential to a patient looking to boost skin health and achieve a visible result.

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