CosMedix skincare from Advanced Skin Technology delivers cosmeceutical-grade ingredients without irritation.

A gentle but effective skincare solution can come as a welcome adjunct to cosmetic surgery patients – particularly those experiencing the necessary downtime associated with laser treatment, peels and surgeries. By offering your patients a skincare line of pure cosmeceutical ingredients, one that is soothing and non-irritating to the skin, you can help optimise their downtime and, at the same time, boost the passive income arm of your practice.

One such skincare range is CosMedix, distributed in Australia by Advanced Skin Technology (AST). CosMedix itself is an established name in skincare, with over 10 years experience as a forerunner in the industry, while AST has over 20 years experience in the Australian market. There is a wide selection of condition-specific skincare products, as well as a range of professional treatments, under the CosMedix banner.

The philosophy behind CosMedix skincare is based on the optimum combination of ingredients – “what we put in products is just as important as what we leave out.”

CosMedix uses a cutting-edge chiral purification process to ensure only the most effective form of each ingredient makes it in to the final formula. The range is free of parabens, artificial dyes or harsh ingredients to deliver your patients real results, without the side effects typically seen with cosmeceutical-grade ingredients.

The Cosmedix Range

Touted as a solution to a healthy complexion without irritation, CosMedix is the range of choice for dermatologists, physicians and aesthetians around the world.

The wide selection of products means tailoring treatment to each clients’ individual needs is easily done, while chirally filtered formulae afford noticeable results and minmise the risk of allergic or adverse reactions.

Chirality refers to the properties of individual molecules in the body. “Chiral” molecules are identical in composition but are arranged in a non-superimposed mirror image. Ingredients that have been chirally corrected have been filtered to contain only molecules that positively interact with the skin.

As well as being the market’s foremost chirally correct skincare brand, CosMedix is a plant based and earth friendly line. Many of the products contain plant-based ingredients, free of artificial colours and preservatives.

The power of professionals

The CosMedix professional range includes a line of facials and peels. Facials CosMedix facials use enzyme, peptides and antioxidants to promote gentle resurfacing and address any skin concern.

Today’s Treatments Today’s Treatments use natural, chirally correct forms of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) to exfoliate dead skin cells and promote the appearance of healthy skin.

Tomorrow’s Peels Tomorrow’s Peels are the most powerful CosMedix treatments, providing medium-depth resurfacing to make the skin appear significantly tighter and smoother. AMP

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