CALECIM® Professional, the world’s only skincare powered by cord lining stem cells, is the latest in post-treatment care.

According to Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics 2016-2017, the non-surgical procedures that saw the most significant increases in 2017 were skin resurfacing, chemical peels, and non-surgical skin tightening* – all non-surgical treatments that can be complemented by skincare that supports healing after induced trauma.

Enter, CALECIM® Professional, from CellResearch Corporation, the first company in the world to discover a rich source of stem cells in umbilical cord lining for which it presently has patents in 42 territories. The pivotal technology harnessed by CALECIM® Professional is called Cord Lining Conditioned Media (CLCM). It comprises a mix of two types of potent stem cells – mesenchymal and epithelial. The comprehensive skincare range has four high performance products and is also designed to target and assist with general anti-ageing concerns.

Age vs. healing

In-clinic procedures like chemical peels, non-surgical skin tightening and resurfacing, all work on the principles of ‘controlled injury’ to the skin tissue, via light, electric currents, needling and/or other modalities.

Once a treatment has been performed, natural healing begins, which encourages forced skin healing and rejuvenation and ultimately a fresher, brighter, younger looking complexion.

However, while downtime is based on many factors, including the strength of the treatment and the patient’s lifestyle, age is also a determining factor on the speed of healing.

‘Without the optimal environment of healthy, young skin, successful healing in an older patient may be restricted,’ says double-boardcertified cosmetic dermatologist Professor Mitchel P Goldman, MD and Chairman of the CALECIM® Professional Medical Advisory Board. ‘Ageing skin takes a longer time to recover from trauma and the prolonged recovery period may lead to increased discomfort for the patient, (who may then be resistant to future procedures) and complications such as scarring or pigmentation.’

Dr Goldman notes that ‘with increased age, so too comes a reduction in the stem cells that are responsible for the repair and regeneration function. Alongside this, the remaining stem cells become functionally less efficient. This leads to slower regeneration cycles as well as longer recovery processes post-treatment.’

CALECIM® Professional – in particular the hero product, CALECIM® Professional Serum – aims to minimise this and make healing and downtime altogether more comfortable.

However, CALECIM® Professional isn’t just beneficial for mature skin. Younger complexions are benefiting tremendously too, finding daily use improves firmness, tone and texture.

Growth factors, anti-ageing and healing

CALECIM® Professional products are formulated with the unique ingredient, Rejuvenating Conditioned Media, which is a blend of proteins and growth factors derived from patented umbilical cord lining extract of the New Zealand Red Deer. The active complex aims to enhance skin function and regulate skin turnover.

‘The key technology behind CALECIM® Professional is the growth factors that come from the cells harvested from the umbilical cord lining,’ explains Dr Goldman. ‘When the cells are grown in a petri dish, they release packets of different growth factors which then cause other cells to become rejuvenative. They are proteins we refer to as Cytokines and Growth Factors.

‘The proteins from the umbilical stem cells don’t just affect the epidermis but also the dermis. They are giving the fibroblasts nutrients to help make more elastin and collagen fibres, as well as hyaluronic acid. This is what gives a lifting and fullness of the skin and causes a regenerative effect. While this occurs on normal skin, it is enhanced on treated skin, whether it is a laser or micro-needling, or any technology we are doing to rejuvenate the skin. It accelerates wound healing and has anti-inflammatory proteins. In clinical studies, in as early as two weeks patients could see the effects. In terms of laser, we have seen immediate results.’

The aim of the formula is to activate cells to migrate towards skin trauma to accelerate repair and encourage skin cells to multiply for fast, efficient epithelialisation. It also works to build up extracellular matrix and increase collagen synthesis and encourage angiogenesis, which results in better skin rejuvenation, while at the same time helping to suppress an inflammatory response.

This helps to minimise possible side effects from resurfacing procedures such as erythema and oedema, while reducing downtime, increasing comfort, and optimising aesthetic outcomes.

How to use CALECIM® Professional

The CALECIM® Professional Range can be used daily for anyone who wishes to ward off the signs of ageing but is also beneficial to use both pre and post treatment, on patients undergoing IPL, radiofrequency, laser, microdermabrasion, micro needling and chemical peels.

Patients are advised to apply CALECIM® Professional Serum immediately post-treatment for at least two days after treatment to accelerate skin restoration, reduce erythema and oedema and minimise downtime.

Daily skin care Benefits

As an at-home daily skincare routine, CALECIM® Professional is suitable for anti-ageing, premature ageing, volume loss and dull, sallow skin in people of all ages, states Dr Goldman.

‘Anyone who is concerned with ageing can use this, it is not just for old people – even people in their 20s and 30s who notice their skin is lacking in lustre, may be photodamaged or they may be seeing the start of fine lines or sallowness to the skin. This is a way of rejuvenating it. My patient population who use this ranges from people of 35 to 85 years of age.’

Scientific studies

‘We have published two clinical studies,’ says Dr Goldman. ‘One is a split face study where we used the CALECIM® Professional Serum on one side of a patient’s face and a placebo on the other. There is a very clear difference with the real product and the non-real product with statistical significance.

‘In the second study, we resurfaced patients with fractionated CO2 laser and again we applied half the face with placebo and half with the real product. Not only did we see increased healing and decreased erythema and oedema but after two months of use, the CALECIM® Professional still had statistically better results over and above the side that wasn’t using it.’ AMP

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*According to Global Aesthetic Procedure Data – reprinted from Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics 2016-2017, compiled by The American Society for Aesthetic Surgery

Professor Mitchel P Goldman

Known in scientific circles as the ‘Grandfather of Growth Factors’, double-board certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr Mitchel P Goldman, is the founder of Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, Co- Founder of SkinMedica, author of numerous textbooks and publications, and also Chairman of the CALECIM® Professional Medical Advisory Board. Dr Goldman is considered the foremost expert in both the research and cosmetic utility of growth factors: proteins that help keep the skin healthy and firm.

Dr Mitchel Goldman
Dr Mitchel Goldman


The CALECIM® Professional Range

‘Each product in the range contains the proteins,’ explains Dr Goldman. The Serum contains 80 percent of the proteins and the other products contain a lower concentration of 50 percent. Classically, my patients use the serum after any procedure. They can use it alone as a serum and they apply the day and night cream to get additional benefits from hyaluronic acid and other ingredients in the products to get immediate hydration and the beautiful touch and feel that is so important.

Calecim professional serumCALECIM® Professional Serum

The hero product in the collection, this contains an 80 percent concentration of the growth factor proteins and is designed to use alone as a serum, before and/or after clinical treatments, or as part of your regular daily skincare routine. Calming, soothing and restorative, it helps improve aesthetic results and is suitable for all skin types.

CALECIM® Professional Multi-Action Cream

Designed to be used after the Serum and prior to moisturiser, this corrective treatment cream aims to lift, firm and improve facial contours. With a concentration of 50 percent of the growth factor proteins, it also aims to help minimise the appearance of wrinkles and lines and improve the appearance of discoloration and uneven skin tone. It is best for dry, normal and sensitive complexions.

CALECIM® Professional Restorative Hydration Cream

This light, quickly absorbed moisturising cream contains a 50 percent concentration of the growth factor proteins, providing hydration at every level. It is designed to revive and rejuvenate tired, dry and stressed skin, improve fine lines and shadows and increase luminosity and radiance.

CALECIM® Professional Recovery Night Complex

This gel application has a 50 percent concentration of the growth factor proteins. Applied at night, it aims to calm and soothe stressed skin, extreme dryness and high sensitivity or irritation. It hydrates and soothes as it also protects the skin’s moisture barrier, supporting the healing of traumatised skin in line with the skin’s natural overnight repair functions.