Appeal to your patients’ desire for effective yet natural treatments with Dermaquest’s pumpkin peels.

The DermaQuest Pumpkin Peel is a powerful antioxidant, exfoliant and complexion perfector ideal for numerous skin types and conditions.

The triple attraction offered by Pumpkin Peel treatments – they smell great, the client feels like ‘something is happening’ when they are applied, and impressive immediate results – encourage happy and loyal clients who come back for more.

Antioxidants are important to anti-ageing for scavenging free radicals and preventing them from attacking healthy cells. Pumpkin not only contains the highest concentration of active antioxidant Vitamin A among vegetables but it also has lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids.

This means the power of the Pumpkin Peel can enhance cell turnover of the epidermis both on the skin’s surface and in the follicles, as well as stimulate the rejuvenation of collagen and elastin in the dermal layer.

Additionally, it has antibacterial properties and contains proteolytic enzymes, which help in breaking down the keratin bond between dead cells. This combination makes pumpkin an effective treatment option for improving acne and age-related skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles and hyper pigmentation.

DermaQuest, which offers the latest in cosmeceutical skincare and clinical treatments, harnesses the beauty benefits of this superfood in its Pumpkin Peels. The treatments are well tolerated by patients and produce smoother and more even- toned skin immediately.

Relaxing & pleasant

The Pumpkin Peel is warm when applied to the face, caused by the natural exothermic property in pumpkin. The aroma is the natural, rich, spicy fragrance associated with pumpkin, with the coppery-orange hue to match.

Patients will notice a warm, prickly feeling, which typically lasts for several minutes before it subsides to a pleasant feeling of tightening. The process is non invasive with no downtime in typical cases.

Immediate results

The immediately visible results of a Pumpkin Peel include smoother skin, evening of skin tone and tightening of the skin.

Patients compare the results to how they look after they shed from a Jessner Peel. They like the immediate improvement in smoothness, their more even colouration and the glow they have when they leave.

Notably, these immediate results extend to patients presenting with acneic skin – it’s rare for a treatment to produce immediate results with these patient group, but this treatment delivers such a revitalising and soothing benefit, it allows them to leave very encouraged.

Within 24 hours the final results are there and clients are typically very satisfied with their improved complexion.


Pumpkin peels are versatile and suitable for just about every skin type. They can be used as an enzyme treatment to deep-clean the skin, an anti-ageing treatment by ‘tightening’ and refining the skin, and they can enhance penetration of subsequent ingredients into the skin.

Pumpkin offers an effective treatment for acne, exfoliating the epidermis and killing the bacteria in the follicles. It can also be used on mature skin with fine lines and hyperpigmentation and to treat dehydrated and dull skin. It has been found that this treatment lessens the appearance of fine lines, lightens hyperpigmentation and refines the texture when used in a series of peels.

This humble vegetable is proving a good resource for the skincare industry as an ingredient for pre- and post-treatments, to help fight the signs of skin ageing, and for treating and preventing acne and pigmentation – in a warm and relaxing treatment that is appealing to clients.

The appeal of the pumpkin

Pumpkin peels combine the exfoliating power of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids with natural active pumpkin enzymes (protease), enhancing cell turnover on the surface of the skin and in the follicles.

Pumpkin skin resurfacing peels offer a triple-powered treatment. The enzymes break down the bonds of the dead surface cells, allowing their exfoliation and exposure of younger epidermal cells. Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acid simultaneously penetrate the layers of the skin to encourage the turnover of cells in the epidermis of the skin and follicles post-treatment, bringing younger cells to the surface and cleansing the follicles of debris and dead cells.

In conjunction, the antioxidants strengthen the skin’s defences against free radicals, helping to fight the ravages of age. The production of collagen and elastin is also stimulated by the AHAs.

DermaQuest Pumpkin Peels are distributed by Clinic Care.
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