Light & Bright, the skin illuminating treatment which combines Candela’s Ellipse IPL and Frax 1550 fractional non-ablative handpiece, is turning heads for its ability to help reverse the signs of sun damage with low downtime and good patient tolerability.

Light & Bright is available exclusively on Candela’s Nordlys multi-application platform.

The treatment has generated substantial praise from leading dermatologists across Australia, as well as some of the country’s most celebrated personalities, for its impressive results and minimal downtime.

‘Effective, easily tolerated solution’ to photoageing

‘Candela’s Light & Bright treatment is an excellent treatment protocol combining the Ellipse IPL system with the Frax 1550nm system off the Nordlys platform,’ says Brisbane-based dermatologist Dr Shobhan Manoharan. ‘The Ellipse IPL works well to reduce background redness and uneven pigmentation, while the Frax 1550 provides non-ablative resurfacing to improve texture, pores, wrinkles and sun damage.  The combination is outstanding in terms of results for a low downtime procedure.’

‘It has been a very user friendly system, and has been one that has been able to be learnt and trained/delegated to clinical team members in a very efficient way,’ he adds.

Melbourne-based dermatologist Dr Belinda Walsh has been using Candela’s Light & Bright protocol for the past 12 months, on patients of various ages and levels of sun damage. ‘I like this protocol because it delivers two different, but complimentary treatments to the skin to address redness, pigmentation and texture change with minimal recovery time,’ she explains.

‘Light and Bright is perfect for people of all ages who are noticing early stages of sun damage (photoageing) and who are looking for an effective, easily tolerated solution.’

‘A series of three treatments is ideal to improve skin texture, redness and pigmentation. I have been impressed with the results in this group of patients.

‘Many Australians don’t appreciate the early signs of photoaging in their own skin. Once they have a series of Light and Bright treatments, they see a noticeable improvement in their skin clarity, which is a great motivator to do better and protect their skin from the sun.

‘Light and Bright is also a good option for many of my rosacea and acne patients. The Ellipse IPL is great for redness and telangiectasia of rosacea and the Frax 1550 can help mild acne scarring,’ Dr Welsh adds.

Flexible, combination treatment

Sydney-based dermatologist Dr John Sullivan has been utilising Candela’s Light & Bright combination treatment for several years. ‘It’s one of our favourite treatments that we keep going back to due to its consistent results,’ he shares.

‘Light & Bright is a very flexible treatment that can be tailored to a person’s varying skin treatment needs which may differ between cosmetic skin areas in the same individual. It also allows for the targeting or focusing of this flexible combination treatment to address a person’s concerns or problem skin areas such as where acne has left scars (including red or soft undulating scars), fine lines and/or skin redness, capillaries, uneven pigment and many pigment lesions,’ he continues.

‘Light & Bright is a good option for treating many of the skin changes associated with ageing and, of particular importance in Australia, photoageing. The flexibility of being able to tailor the filter and setting choices with the Ellipse IPL allows the mixture of changes seen in aged and photoaged skin – redness/capillaries, uneven pigment and fine lines – in the same treatment.’

Light & Bright is commonly utilised in a series of treatments (usually a series of 3 treatments a month apart) and/or as an annual maintenance treatment to help fight skin ageing and photoageing.

‘This treatment helps to restore the strength or thickness of the skin’s keratin and epidermal / dermal layers, which also contributes to the improved global appearance of the skin after this treatment,’ Dr Sullivan adds.

Light & Bright: Australian influencers’ treatment of choice

The Nordlys Light & Bright combination treatment is gaining a loyal patient following, and many of Australia’s most-loved household names aren’t afraid to reveal that Light & Bright treatment are giving them the upper hand in the ageing game.

Sunrise presenter Natalie Barr recently had a series of Nordlys Light & Bright treatments with Dr John Sullivan to address signs of sun damage.

‘Natalie, like many Australians, spent significant time outdoors during her early years, resulting in a number of skin changes on her face, neck and décolletage which she wanted to address,’ he explains.

‘Natalie’s skin changes included rhytids (fine lines) along with textural skin changes, broken capillaries and uneven areas of skin redness, along with a number of pigmented spots (lentigo) and uneven pigmentation.


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A series of three treatments were performed about four weeks apart. Her treatment globally improved her skin quality and overall appearance, including more even skin tone, a reduction in pigmentation, visible capillaries, skin redness and some softening of rhytids.

‘Natalie’s job keeps her in the spotlight, making it necessary that her treatment be effective but carry only minimal or limited downtime,’ says Dr Sullivan. ‘We scheduled her treatments for when she had a few days away from the camera.

‘Side effects include a few days of skin redness, minor skin swelling and dry skin which can take a few more days to settle. We managed to work in with Natalie so that she had a few days away from the camera. Following Natalie’s treatment, she still felt comfortable and able to enjoy her normal weekend activities but with the precaution of having 24 hours off any strenuous exercise.’

‘Additionally, post-treatment Natalie was asked to use only gentle (fragrance free, soap free, pH balanced) skincare and a high SPF sunscreen. It’s Ideal to avoid makeup for two days and hold off using any anti-ageing or medicated skin products for a week,’ he adds.

Abbey Holmes, ex AFLW player & Channel 7 sports commentator, is currently undergoing a series of Light & Bright treatments by Dr Belinda Welsh.

‘Abbey is a perfect candidate for the Light and Bright protocol. As an elite athlete playing netball and football, she has spent many years outdoors in the Australian sun. She had also struggled with acne on and off and has some mild scarring on her cheeks,’ says Dr Welsh.

‘She was starting to notice all the classic signs of photoageing – redness and telangiectasia, brown freckling and pigmentation, and loss of skin elasticity with fine wrinkling.

‘We had to come up with a solution for Abbey which would be highly effective but also allow her to be in front of the camera within a couple of days of treatment. I am planning three Light &Bright sessions for Abbey; she has already had two treatments.

‘So far, she has found Light and Bright very tolerable with minimal discomfort. The clinical imaging showed a noticeable improvement in her skin colour and quality after her first treatment, which she also noticed herself. The best evidence was her telling me she had comments from others on how good her skin was looking!’


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Social media influencer, entrepreneur and self-proclaimed “momager” Angie Simpson is also a fan of Nordlys Light & Bright.

Angie recently had a series of 3 treatments, spaced 1 month apart, at Dr Shobhan Manoharan’s Brisbane Skin clinic and she is very happy with her results.

‘Angie is a middle-aged mother with a healthy, active lifestyle and busy professional career,’ he says. ‘Over many years, she had been exposed to a significant amount of sun. Angie had lighter treatments in the past, but was hoping for more significant results, but still with low downtime to accommodate her busy schedule.

‘We chose the Light and Bright protocol to provide results for her redness, pigmentation, tone, texture and pores, and also to reduce some of the actinic keratoses on her face, with fairly low downtime, over a series of treatments.

She did get great results in terms of the above and was very happy with her results,’ Dr Manoharan concludes. AMP


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About Candela

Established in 1970, Candela is a leading US-based global medical aesthetic device company. The company’s technologies enable practitioners to provide advanced energy-based solutions for a broad range of medical-aesthetic applications including treatment of bengin vascular and pigmented lesions, scars, facial resurfacing, wrinkle reduction, acne, leg veins, cellulite, body shaping ,women’s health, and tattoo and hair removal.

In Australia, Candela has offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

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