Freeze fat and heat up ROI with Clatuu

Enjoy the lowest consumables in the marketplace with Clatuu, the non-invasive fat reduction featuring 360 degree surrounding cooling method.

Distributed in Australia by Cryomed and registered with the TGA, Clatuu is the non-surgical solution to reduce stubborn fat in half the time. Featuring the world’s first 360 ̊ dual handpiece system, Clatuu offers maximum coverage and faster, more effective fat reduction.

Clatuu offers the latest non-invasive fat freezing procedure combined with good value and an even better ROI, with the lowest consumable costs in the marketplace.

The device works by gently drawing fatty areas into the patented 360 ̊ applicators and cooling the area to a temperature that causes fat cell apoptosis – while keeping normal cells intact. This is caused by cooling fat cells to an optimal temperature, bringing about a sequence of events that leads to the destruction and elimination of fat cells without affecting any of the other surrounding tissue.

In both clinical and pre-clinical trials, Clatuu has demonstrated its efficacy and quality. Gross and microscopic histological results confirmed the non-invasive cold-induced selective subcutaneous fat destruction, and showed increased pre-adiposity differentiation and increased activation of lipid catabolism.

Sydney dermatologist Dr Adrian Lim recently undertook an assessment of the efficacy and safety of fat reduction with Clatuu, as well as comparing and evaluating the different body contour measuring techniques.

“Cryolipolysis with Clatuu has found to be a safe, effective procedure for localised fat reduction with a high patient satisfaction rate. Standardised photography is recommended as an effective monitoring tool and documentation of post-cryolipolysis progress,” says Dr Lim.

In his study, eight treatment- eligible patients were enrolled into the cryolipolyis analysis for prospective evaluation over a four-month follow- up period. All patients had the option of treating either a single site or two sites simultaneously. Trial patients were also offered the option of a repeat treatment to the same area with a minimum interval of two months between treatments.

Two months after the final treatment, patients were surveyed about their experience and satisfaction of the procedure, including self-rating of perceived degree of fat reduction post- treatment.

“The patient satisfaction survey at two months post-treatment revealed 71.4% (5 out of 7 patients) either ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that the outcome was satisfactory,” he says.

“Of the two dissatisfied patents, one felt that there was ‘no change’ post-procedure but revised her self- assessment to ‘marked reduction’ upon reviewing the before/after photos.”

These findings are a strong indication that Clatuu fat freezing is a promising fat reduction device that is ideally used for body contouring and getting rid of stubborn fat – the kind that is resilient to exercise or diet.

“Our study showed no adverse effects associated with Clatuu cryolipolysis. Our subjects experienced an initial ‘suction’ discomfort lasting five to 10 minutes followed by cold-induced numbness for the rest of the procedure,” explains Dr Lim. “The most common post-treatment effect was numbness lasting from one to three weeks. One patient with atopic dermatitis experienced mild itching over the treated site for a few days post- cryolipolysis.”

Not only is there a high patient satisfaction but also the minimal downtime means that Clatuu can be a ‘lunchtime’ procedure. Clatuu offers the ability to treat two sites at once, meaning you can cut treatment time in half and increase your clinic’s profitability.
































How it works


1. Drawing tissue into the handpiece is easy and with minimal discomfort.
2.Target fat tissue is cooled and maintained at the ideal tClatuuemperature throughout treatment, leaving normal cells intact.
3.20 to 30 percent of fat cells are destroyed and removed from the target area through normal lymphatic processes.


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