As an Aesthetic Medical Practitioner, your focus is on delivering the best results – happy, satisfied clients is what it’s all about. Trust is the new economy.

Delivering the best results builds trust and loyalty that in turn generates word of mouth referral; it establishes your solid foundation while fuelling your growth.

To generate trust, you need technology you can trust backed by a team you can trust. Having the latest and most advanced systems in your practice gives you the platform upon which your expertise can shine.

Chances are, you already know the friendly and trusted team that is Cutera Australia. You have most likely attended an international conference or heard a world-leading practitioner espousing the benefits that offering safer and better treatments has afforded them.

Building on this already established platform of technology you can trust, Cutera is poised to work with you in 2015 with the launch of three exciting new systems.

1 enlighten™

While you are reading this, enlighten is launching in Asia Pacific. It will launch here in January 2015 and take centre stage at Cutera University, being held at Hilton Sydney, 7-8 February 2015.

enlighten™ is the first and only high-powered, dual wavelength and dual pulse duration laser featuring picosecond technology – now cleared for tattoo removal as well as benign pigmented lesions.

“The FDA clearance for tattoo removal for enlighten™ signifies a critical milestone not only for Cutera, but for the advancement of picosecond laser technology in the aesthetics market. Consistent with our innovative design philosophy, enlighten™ features industry- leading laser and optical design with advanced micro-electronics. enlighten™ delivers highest pulse energy in its class, selectable pulse durations, and dual wavelengths allowing parameter optimisation for tattoo removal. Our pivotal FDA study demonstrates the validity and utility of dual pulse durations for tattoo removal, and enlighten™ is the only picosecond laser platform incorporating this enabling feature. With this additional clearance, enlighten™ leads the next generation of multi-application picosecond laser platforms,” said Kevin Connors, President and CEO of Cutera, Inc.

“The use of picosecond laser technology in aesthetic practices is evolving. With enlighten™, practitioners are much closer to utilizing a single device for the vast majority of tattoo removal procedures,” said Michael S. Kaminer, M.D., a board certified Dermatologist and Managing Partner of SkinCare Physicians in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, and one of the pre-eminent educators in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery. “I am pleased with my clinical experiences using enlighten™, and am optimistic we will achieve better tattoo removal clearance in fewer treatment sessions compared to typical tattoo removal laser systems. The ability to independently adjust pulse duration, wavelength, and spot size while delivering therapeutic energy significantly advances tattoo removal therapy and treatment for benign pigmented lesions.”

enlighten™ FAQs:

How is enlighten™ different from other picosecond lasers on the market?

enlighten™ incorporates industry- leading features including dual wavelengths, dual pulse durations – at high power – and is able to provide independent adjustment of fluence and spot size, offering therapeutic fluences across all spot sizes and the broadest range of treatment settings. Direct imaging of rods results in more even and uniform delivery of laser energy to tissue than microlens array technology of competing brands.

What wavelengths does enlighten™ use?

enlighten™ incorporates two wavelengths, 1064nm and 532 nm. These wavelengths were chosen because of their versatility in treating tattoo ink colours and benign pigmented conditions, offering the safest and most effective treatment solutions for all skin types.

What pulse durations are available on enlighten™?

enlighten™ is the first device in its class to incorporate two pulse durations, 750 picoseconds and 2 nanoseconds. With the ability to choose between picosecond and nanosecond pulse durations, practitioners can choose the ideal pulse for the targeted condition. This increases the versatility of conditions that enlighten™ can treat. There is no other single device on the market that incorporates this capability.

Are there different handpieces for the different wavelengths or pulse durations?

No, enlighten™ has a motorized zoom handpiece that delivers the full range of spot sizes.

What are the available spot sizes on enlighten™?

enlighten™’s spot size range is from two to eight millimeters. Therapeutic fluences are delivered throughout the spot size range, with independent adjustment of fluence, spot size and pulse duration.

How well do patients tolerate the enlighten™ treatment?

enlighten™ treatments are similar to Q-switched treatments. In a side- by-side study comparing enlighten™ with Q-switched laser for comfort and treatment results, 100% of respondents preferred enlightenTM.

What are enlighten™’s intended uses/indications for use?

enlighten™ has received FDA clearance for tattoo removal and treatment of benign pigmented lesions for skin types I-VI. More specifically, enlighten™ laser system is intended for use in surgical and aesthetic applications in the medical specialties of dermatology and general and plastic surgery.

Tattoo removal:
The 1064 nm wavelength of the enlighten™ laser system is indicated for tattoo removal for dark coloured tattoo inks and for multicoloured tattoos containing dark coloured tattoo inks on patients with all skin types (Fitzpatrick I-VI).

The 532 nm wavelength of the enlighten™ laser system is indicated for tattoo removal for lighter coloured tattoo inks, including red and yellow inks, on patients with Fitzpatrick skin types 1-III.

Treatment of Benign Pigmented Lesions:
The 1064 nm wavelength of the enlighten™ laser system is indicated for the treatment of benign pigmented lesions on patients with all skin types (Fitzpatrick I-VI).

The 532 nm wavelength of the enlighten™ laser system is indicated for the treatment of benign pigmented lesions on patients with Fitzpatrick skin types I-III.

Until recently, what have been the technical limitations in developing a commercially scalable picosecond laser, and how has the technology landscape changed to make commercialization possible?

Commercialisation of high-energy picosecond lasers has been precluded by their high cost, size, and complexity. Cutera created the laser from the ground up, specifically with aesthetic medical applications in mind, ie. high power and short pulse durations. This laser architecture is not hindered by the power limitations inherent to other picosecond lasers. The novel architecture of enlighten™ makes for a truly world class laser platform.

enlighten™ QUICK FACTS

• First to market overseas
• Pico second plus nano second
• 750 ps
• Nano second
• 2 ns pulse duration
• Dual wavelength
– 562 nm and 1064 nm
• Highest pulse energy
• Benign pigmented lesions
• Tattoo removal – Clear more completely more quickly
• 240V convenient output
• Warm up – 2 minutes
• Ergonomic

2 excel HR™ – 21st Century hair removal

excel HR™ combines high-power 755 nm Alexandrite and the wide-range versatility of proven 1064nm Nd: YAG with the superiority of sapphire cooling to offer the most advanced premium hair removal solution for all skin types.

excel HR™ redefines safe, effective and comfortable hair removal for the 21st century.

To effectively target deep follicular structures and deliver energy more efficiently, excel HR™ utilizes index matching and compression via sapphire cooling contact. The result? Enhanced hair reduction efficacy using less fluence with greater patient comfort.

Epidermal protection is of heightened concern when treating darker skin types – contact cooling is preferred due to its parallel cooling abilities.

excel HR™’s sapphire contact cooling offers continuous cooling before, during and after each laser pulse maximizing patient comfort and minimizing risk of under-cooled and over-treated areas – the epidermis is protected with each and every pulse.

excel HR™ Quick Facts

• 755 nm + truPulse 1064 nm
• Pioneer of Nd:Yag
• 21st Century Laser Hair removal
• Maximum power and maximum speed • 70% smaller footprint
• 1st class contact cooling
• 1st energy based procedure
• 2.5 million treatments by 2017
• Maximum ROI
• No consumables
• No per click costs
• No per shot costs
• No per patient costs
• Integrated cooling

3 excel V™ – Vascular procedures

excel V is a new approach to treating vascular skin conditions that puts patients’ safety and comfort first. The system uses a unique high power green laser that is absorbed by abnormal blood vessels in the skin. The laser heats and eliminates the abnormal vessels, ultimately restoring normal skin tone and colour. excel V™ can be customised to each patient’s skin condition, enabling precise and effective treatment of everything from superficial blemishes to deep scars. The system leverages innovative cooling technologies to ensure patient comfort, and there are no long term side effects or downtime.

Common conditions treated with excel V™ include rosacea, telangiectasia, leg veins, port wine stain and cherry angioma. Using the Genesis V handpiece, the Excel V treats wrinkles, uneven texture, and diffuse redness (non ablative skin therapy) by gently heating the dermis with the 1064nm wavelength and micro second pulses which preferentially heat very fine vasculature, without epidermal cooling.

excel V™ quick facts

• Maximum performance
• 532 nm KTP + Nd:YAG 1064nm
• Results start showing in one treatment
• Warm up 30 seconds
• Can go superficial or deep
• Flash pumped, faster and more comfortable
• More accurate
• Square pulse technology
• Safer system
• Real time calibration
• Treatment in less time

What are the benefits of excel V™ compared with other treatment options?

The benefit of excel V™ is that the treatment can be highly adjusted to ensure that the physician is delivering a level of treatment that specifically matches the patient’s skin condition. The system contains various wavelength modes, allowing the delivery of both short pulses for superficial blemishes, such as small lesions and skin discolouration, and longer pulses for deeper vascular conditions, such as leg veins and nodular port wine stains.

It also offers a wide range of laser spot sizes to ensure that small treatment areas can be targeted at greater precision and larger areas can be treated in a shorter period. This high level of customization makes excel VTM so effective at treating, often in one session, so many different conditions, which, in the past, would have required several different systems or procedures.

Before and after treatment images

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