Power, performance and precision with Brera Plasmage®


Finding time sensitive solutions to common cosmetic concerns is key to the success of aesthetic medical practices today. Plasmage® by Brera Medical Technologies supports the non-invasive, non-ablative treatment of sensitive, difficult to treat areas of the face and body in as little as one session.

Utilising Brera’s patented Fractional Plasma system, Plasmage® facilitates the quick and convenient treatment of patients, while producing less downtime than surgery and being less aggressive than other plasma-based devices.

Its signature treatment, the Blefaroplasma®, is a minimally invasive alternative to surgical blepharoplasty. This procedure is efficient for the practitioner to perform, produces quick results, and is more affordable for the patient.

In addition to non-surgical blepharoplasty, Plasmage® is the perfect tool for addressing many aesthetic and dermatological protocols, including the treatment of wrinkles, xanthelasma, acne, scarring, lentigo, fibroma and verrucas. ‘I introduced Plasmage to my practice because it is a very versatile device capable of treating a wide range of skin conditions, both medical and cosmetic,’ says Dr Tammy Tai from Dr Salon in Bicton, WA. ‘Patients don’t always want to take the surgical option for a good cosmetic outcome. Plasmage® is the only non-invasive alternative to blepharoplasty surgery. It produces a reconstructive effect with a shorter skin recovery time.

‘Aside from non-surgical blepharoplasty, it is a simple tool for addressing milia cysts, fatty eye lumps, acne, scars and warts.’

Patented technology

Plasmage® is the first patented Fractional Plasma device designed specifically for the safe and comfortable treatment of delicate areas of the face and body that
so often render lasers and radio surgical units ineffective. It is the only plasma energy device to use a fractional energy delivery system, rather than the standard form of continuous energy. This affords practitioners greater control over the energy used and helps them achieve advanced results by minimising risk, injury and patient recovery time.

The class IIb device features a ‘user friendly’ interface and sublimates tissue without ablation or side effects to the skin. It delivers plasma energy to the skin and provides 30 modulations of energy, continuous mode, fractional mode, four levels of fractionation, and six scales of intensity. This comprehensive selection allows the operator to adapt the energy to the treatment protocol, while ensuring a high level of safety and precise control of the treatment area.

Because treatments can be customised to the needs of individual patients and lower energy powers can be selected and utilised, Plasmage® can treat patients from a wider variety of ethnic backgrounds than competing technologies.

In the case of eyelid treatments, Plasmage® reduces excessive skin, producing a localised and precise retraction of the eyelids. The device can be used with topical or injectable anaesthesia to improve patient comfort.

Once treatment is completed, patients may experience some redness and swelling around the target area. This typically doesn’t last long, but there will be some crusting of the affected skin. These crusts are crucial to the healing process, as they protect the new skin forming underneath and usually resolve within 10-14 days, depending on the intensity of the treatment and condition of the patient’s skin.

‘At Dr Salon, we take a multi-pronged approach to help enhance the Plasmage® eyelift by combining it with the use of other techniques, such as the ultrasound eyelift and muscle relaxants,’ says Dr Tai.

Because Plasmage® is lightweight and portable in design it can be easily integrated into existing medical practices. It requires few consumables and supports fast, efficient treatments.

‘Plasmage® is a cost-effective treatment that can help tidy up fine lines in a way that cannot be achieved with wrinkle relaxers and fillers,’ says Dr Tai. ‘It offers low downtime for patients and creates a dramatic result for a procedure that doesn’t require needles or surgery. Plasmage® is a useful tool for achieving blemish-free skin.’ AMP

Before Plasmage Treatment


After Plasmage Treatment

After Treatment

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Why Plasmage®?

  • Smart software: A selection of pre-set, ‘indication specific’ programs allow ease of use with optimal energy supply for each procedure.
  • Intuitive technology: The smart software allows the operator to choose from 30 treatment protocols and to manually adjust parameters as required.
  • Needle tip: The applicator consists of an ergonomic and lightweight handpiece, as well as various sized and shaped electrodes.
  • Lightweight and portable: Weighing in at only 2kg, it comes equipped with a practical carry case.

Plasmage® Connect Lab

The Plasmage® Connect Lab smartphone application is the first app linked to a medical device that connects the practitioner to a network of medical peers. This innovative technology allows the practitioner to take ‘before and after’ photos and edit them into a useful format for easy sharing.

It offers a platform for keeping up-to-date with patients, colleagues and scientific committees from around the world and provides updates on noteworthy protocols and events.