Permanent hair reduction for light and dark hair can be achieved with the DEKA Synchro Replay laser from High Tech Laser.

The Deka Synchro Replay, distributed by High Tech Laser, is an effective device to achieve permanent hair reduction for light and dark haired patients.

Laser hair removal can achieve effective and long lasting results in light and dark hair removal. With the ability to target finer, smaller and lighter hair, the Deka Synchro Replay laser offers efficient, superior and widely applicable results in permanent hair reduction.

The laser is an all-in-one device featuring two wavelengths – the 755nm Alexandrite and 1064nm Nd: YAG. This makes the Synchro Replay suitable for use on different skin types and hair colours.

‘We use the Replay laser mostly for hair removal; the Alexandrite laser is best used for fair hair and skin, while the ND:Yag wavelength is more suitable for darker hair and skin,’ Sydney cosmetic doctor and laser specialist Dr Bruce Williamson. ‘The Synchro Replay can also be used as an Intense Pulsed Light device (IPL) to treat pigmentation and visible blood vessels.’

The Synchro Replay exhibits the largest spot size of any hair removal laser on the market. This is combined with high fluence, which is necessary for treating lighter coloured hairs.

‘If you picture a cylinder placed on the skin’s surface, this delivers an inverted cone of energy into the skin – the larger the cylinder, the deeper the cone. This is what the Synchro Replay’s large spot size achieves, a deeper treatment to combat those more resilient hairs,’ Dr Williamson explains. ‘Importantly, this is delivered through a narrow pulse width – two pulses, twice a second – and with high fluence, which are beneficial in treating finer hair.’

The Synchro Replay succeeds in prohibiting hair growth by targeting the stem cells attached to the hair bulbs. The laser lights heat the hair strand, and this heat is conducted down the strand and into the bulb where it destroys the stem cells and prevents further growth.

As with any laser hair removal, the treatment is only effective on those hairs in the anagen phase of hair growth. After this phase, the strand detaches from the bulb and the heat cannot be delivered directly to the stem cells.

‘Anywhere between 10 and 40 percent of hairs might be in the anagen phase during one treatment. This means it might take between six and 10 treatments to achieve optimal results in permanent hair reduction,’ Dr Williamson explains. ‘The Synchro Replay helps boost treatment efficiency, because it can pick up the smaller, finer and lighter hairs that other lasers cannot target.’

Before treatment with the Synchro Replay, an in-depth consultation is required to ensure the patient is suitable for the procedure. Skin type, and the level of melanin near the surface of the skin, should be examined to protect against post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) following treatment.

‘In the consultation, I look at the skin type (using the Fitzpatrick scale of I–VI), examine the type of hair, and gauge the differentiation between hair colour and skin tone,’ says Dr Williamson. ‘Usually, the greater the differentiation, the more effective the treatment.’

‘Using the Synchro Replay, we often treat the legs, bikini line, under the arms and on the face for post-menopausal women. There is typically no downtime following Synchro Replay treatment for hair removal, and this device achieves thorough, consistent results, very efficiently,’ Dr Williamson concludes. AMP

Vein treatments with synchro replay

As well as delivering effective results in permanent hair reduction, The Synchro Replay uses the Nd:Yag wavelength to target visible veins on the face, legs and body. Because this wavelength involves less absorption by melanin in the skin, it is able to reduce the appearance of visually prominent veins with little downtime.

‘The ND:Yag wavelength works really well to reduce the appearance of the little veins around the corners of the nose,’ says Dr Williamson. ‘Also, I often treat blue veins under the eyes with the Synchro Replay – particularly if these veins have been made more prominent following treatment with dermal fillers.’

‘The Synchro Replay can be used to treat vascular lesions on the face and body. It is especially effective on the very small blue spider veins on the upper thighs,’ says Dr Williamson.

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