There are new indications for treatment with Promoitalia Threads, including vaginal narrowing.

The rise in consumer demand for natural-looking results in cosmetic medical procedures is driving the growth of subtle but effective enhancement technologies. One such technology is thread lifting. Shown to be a viable option in restoring lost volume, redefining slack contours and kick-starting natural rejuvenation in the skin, thread lifting can achieve significant anti-ageing results on the face and body.

Since it is an ever-evolving methodology, with ongoing research into techniques and applications constantly revealing new indications for treatment possibilities, practitioner training is key to delivering optimal results in thread lifting procedures.

The Promoitalia Threads range encompasses a unique and patented line of sutures. Unlike conventional sutures, all Promoitalia threads have tiny barbs (or cogs) that are specifically designed in terms of their length, density and angling.

Free Floating threads For general rejuvenation Free Floating threads are inserted through a long spinal needle injected into the subcutaneous tissue. The sutures are lined with bidirectional convergent cogs. Upon insertion, these cogs open and gather into
the surrounding tissue to prevent movement of the thread and to create a supporting scaffolding for hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.

Treatment with Free Floating threads affords immediate results, and these continue to improve over the 10 to 12 months following the procedure. Only local anaesthesia is required during treatment.

Double Needle threads for symmetry

Double Needle threads are available in both the permanent and absorbable version. They use bi-direction convergent barbs to treat sagging skin and drooping volume. They can be inserted into the sub dermis without the help of a spinal needle, as each thread has a non-traumatic straight twin driver needle attached to both ends. This means surgeons can use various pathways, including semi-circular or loop paths, to guarantee more effective gathering and compacting of the tissue.

Ancorage sutures for miD face

Ancorage is the solution to lifting the mid-face without traditional surgery. Each thread is lined with
uni-directional barbs, and has a straight non-traumatic driver needle at one end, to aid in insertion, and a cylindrical needle for anchoring at the other end.

For the mid-face procedure, the incision is made close to the ear and the threads are advanced along the previously marked contours toward the chin and jaw line, creating a firm hold on the underlying issue. The barbed threads are fastened in an umbrella-like manner and their tension creates a suspension that gently lifts the soft tissue of the face.

i-Needle Sutures for Neck lifting

The i-Needle is a new tool for tightening a loose, sagging neck. It allows patients to undergo a neck lift contextually to a neck liposuction. It is also an effective solution for those patients whose skin has sagged or loosened as a result of significant weight loss.

The i-Needle technique involves using a dissolvable bi-directional convergent barbed thread with two special needles. It’s inserted into the sub-dermis to tighten and suspend the loose skin on the neck.

Vaginal Narrowing Sutures

The Vaginal Narrower sutures can be used to narrow the vulvar entrance and for the aesthetic and functional improvement of the vagina. The sutures are convergent bidirectional barbed threads that have revolutionised the surgical method for narrowing the lesion of the perineal muscle. The Vaginal Narrower may be used to reduce the vulvar entrance, thereby allowing an aesthetic and functional improvement of the female genital organ.The sutures are made of caprolactone or polydioxanone with atraumatic straight needles at each end. The procedure is typically a day surgery, performed under local anaesthetic. AMP


For more information call South Pacific Cosmetic Academy or Mara Aesthetics 0410 640 437

Training in thread lifting at the South Pacific Cosmetic Academy

Intensive and hands-on practitioner training is key to delivering optimal results in thread lifting procedures YOU Cosmetic Clinic by Mara Aesthetics in Mosman, Sydney, is renowned for delivering effective, consistent and innovative results in thread lifting. Now, the South Pacific Cosmetic Academy has opened next door.

The Academy, also launched by Mara Aesthetics, is an independent and professional training facility for aesthetic treatment training. It signifies the newest go-to destination for doctors hoping to boost the non- invasive branch of their practice – particularly in thread lifting.

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