The HydraFacial system merges invigorating spa therapy with advanced medical technology.

The HydraFacial from High Tech Laser is a facial treatment designed to deeply cleanse the skin and infuse it with antioxidants for a brighter, invigorated and healthier complexion. It stands out from other skin-resurfacing treatments because of the way it hydrates and improves the appearance of the skin without any irritation.

The HydraFacial is a non-invasive resurfacing procedure that combines exfoliation, acid peels, pore extractions and antioxidant infusions to cleanse, nourish and brighten the skin. Essentially, it combines the exfoliation and resurfacing of microdermabrasion, the skin renewal of an acid peel and the hydration and detoxification of a deep-cleansing facial.

Perth facial plastic surgeon Dr Jayson Oates has been using the HydraFacial in his clinic since August 2013. He says it’s a popular option for patients looking to increase radiance and improve the appearance of congested, acne-prone, aged, dulled or dehydrated skin without the irritation or downtime associated with more aggressive skin rejuvenation treatments.

‘Patients enjoy the whole process – from the actual treatment, how skin feels immediately afterwards, to the long-term benefits seen in skin health,’ he says.

‘I have always preferred using the more “medical” side of dermal therapies – treatments that make a difference but that patients don’t necessarily enjoy. Now, we can achieve these same benefits with a treatment that patients look forward to experiencing.’

“I have just purchased my third HydraFacial machine,” says Dr Oates. “The demand is definitely there. Patients love it because they can have regular treatments where they instantly see and feel the difference in their skin.”

The HydraFacial incorporates a series of five highly specialised treatments to purify and hydrate the skin. Cleansing and exfoliation removes dead skin cells, an acid peel of glycolic acid, salicylic acid and peptides soften the bonds that bind dead cells together and dislodges grime from the pores, and a vortex suction extraction system unclogs the pores completely. Treatments provide deeper cleansing and extractions with suction that would normally have to be performed manually.

The cleansing and extraction is following by the infusion of a highly active, hydrating serum to nourish and protect the skin. Additional lymphatic drainage and LED therapy can be used to optimise results and stimulate activity in the skin’s deeper layers.

“The HydraFacial cleanses and exfoliates, then uses vortex suction to clean out the pores and extract sebaceous oil,” Dr Oates explains. “The infusion of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins works to restore, plump and hydrate the complexion. Ampoules of serum are also available with varying strengths, some enriched with peptides to boost collagen production in the dermis.”

The HydraFacial offers a holistic approach to boosting skin health and, because of its non-invasive nature, anyone is suitable for treatment. It can also be tailored to individual skin needs and sensitivities. The level of the acid peel, for example, is chosen according to the patient’s skin type and the strength of the vortex extraction system can also be customised to the patient’s skin sensitivity and condition.

The HydraFacial is a great adjunct to other surgical and non-surgical services as it helps optimise the skin before surgery or freshen the skin after cosmetic injectables. Dr Oates says ‘It’s great for the patient and for the clinic, as it’s relatively inexpensive and can be used as a monthly treatment to encourage return visits – so much so, I’m now on my third machine.’

The results are evident even immediately following HydraFacial treatment, and Dr Oates says they should continue to improve in the week following the facial. ‘The HydraFacial has become one of our most popular treatments. There is some pinkness following treatment but essentially no downtime is involved. The skin feels soft and hydrated right away following treatment and over the next week patients will continue to see further improvement in the appearance of acne, pigmentation and skin tone and texture.’

To extend the results and retain the skin’s lustre and brightness between treatments, the final step in the HydraFacial is the introduction of the ‘daily essentials’ skincare. Tailored to certain skin complaints, the range incorporates topical moisturisers, refining eye gels and daily sun protection. Each product is infused with select concentrations of the same active ingredients found in the in-clinic treatment, providing detoxification, rejuvenation and protection – as well as an additional revenue stream – in between visits. ‘Not only is the HydraFacial great for skin health but it also creates very satisfied return patients,’ Dr Oates concludes.


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