High patient satisfaction and minimal risk of complications are non-negotiable factors in achieving superior results in breast augmentation.

Remaining at the forefront of today’s advanced breast surgery industry is Allergan’s Natrelle implants, backed by over 25 years of experience and development.

The world-class industry leader is meticulously designed and tested under stringent standards to achieve durability, high patient satisfaction and minimal risk of complication.

The Natrelle range offers a large selection of smooth and textured gel implants in both round and teardrop shapes. The extensive variety of breast width, projection and volume options helps in tailoring the breast augmentation surgery to suit your patients’ needs, expectations and existing anatomy.

Proven durability and safety

The safety and effectiveness of Natrelle implants were investigated by Maxwell et al (1). Over a period of six years, the prospective multicentre study involved 941 patients. The research found that the rates for capsular contracture among augmentations and revision augmentations were significantly lower with the Natrelle 410 implants than with other surgical gel implants. The satisfaction rate, measured on a five-point scale, exceeded 80 percent in all cohorts.

Natrelle implants are designed with Biocell® macrotextured surface – featuring open pore texturisation and variable distribution of depressions on the surface. The textured surface helps counter the risk of malposition and rippling, and also reduces the risk of capsular contracture.

The exceedingly low rate of capsular contracture is no doubt a combination of the implant and appropriate surgical technique. Like all implants, insertion technique is important as intra-gel rupture can lead to implant deformity.

Additionally, all Allergan gel-filled breast implants have a patented intrashiel® Barrier Technology. This barrier in the shell reduces shell permeability and minimises gel diffusion or gel bleed.

QLD plastic surgeon Dr Mark Magnusson has been using Natrelle implants since 1997. “I like the firm gel and the high gel fill of Natrelle implants which I feel contribute to the outcomes, minimising fold flaws, and reducing ruptures and visible rippling,” he says.

“Rupture and leakage, in my view, are an inevitability long term and should be planned for,” says Melbourne plastic surgeon Dr Graeme Southwick. “Removal should be easy, but if the gel has poor cohesive properties at body temperature, then spillage is common and surgery to remove and replace is more technically difficult. I have found the Allergan implants to be usually of good consistency
at removal.”

“Although rippling with all implants can be an issue, especially in the thin, small-breasted augment patient I have found this risk to be minimal with the Natrelle implants,” he adds.

Patient satisfaction

A core study conducted by Allergan, published in 2009, looked into the safety and effectiveness of Natrelle implants. The study enrolled 455 breast augmentation patients, most of whom were treated with smooth, gel-filled implants. Patient satisfaction was based on a five-point scale assessment and tested at seven years post-operation.

The study enrolled 455 breast augmentation patients, most of who were treated with smooth, gel-filled implants. Seventy percent of patients underwent satisfaction testing, and within this group, 95 percent of patients indicated they were satisfied with their breast implants after seven years.

In 2014, a similar study was conducted using anatomically shaped, silicone-filled Natrelle breast implants. Of the original 492 patients, 292 participated in satisfaction at 10 years after implantation. Of these, 89 percent indicated they were definitely satisfied with their breast implants at a decade post-procedure.

These results are significant because they present a consistent recording of minimal complications and overall positive short-term and long-term feedback.

Surgeon satisfaction

“The advantage we have with implants these days is that there is a variety of choices available and, by having a box of tools, one can use the appropriate tool for the appropriate job,” says Brisbane plastic surgeon Dr Craig Layt.

The Natrelle collection presents all the implant options you need for your breast augmentation and reconstruction patients. The extensive variety of breast width, projection and volume options helps in tailoring surgery to suit your patients’ needs, expectations and existing anatomy.

“Natrelle implants are offered in four different levels: TruForm 1, 2 and 3 and dual gel (510). The Inspira round is offered in Truform 1 and 2, the 410 in Truform 2 and 3 and the 510 in the dual gel. The availability of the Inspira in both a TruForm 1 and 2 gel, gives some flexibility with respect to implant firmness and its activity on the breast. The gel fill of 95% is excellent from the point of view of prevention of rippling and achieving good shape,” says Dr Layt.

“Similarly, the availability of the 410 in a TruForm 2 or TruForm 3 gel enables the flexibility with respect to the amount of activity one wishes the implant to have on the breast. The 410 matrix is well thought-out and the dimensions tend to fit my patients very well,” he adds.

Allergan sets itself apart through its ongoing research, development and its unparalleled approach to customer service.

The company provides an unbeatable foundation of support and education especially with the Allergan rupture warranty, which is adhered to without question.

“The support of ongoing education is the key to continued improvement of the results in the community with respect to the use of implants. Allergan has a strong commitment to education, which has been significant and ongoing with sponsorship of multiple educational opportunities for aesthetic practitioners both in the area of breast surgery and non-surgical procedures,” says Dr Layt.

“Natrelle implants are a quality product and subject to ongoing continuous research and development to maintain quality. It’s Allergan’s customer service that, for me, exceeds what the others have provided,” Dr Magnusson concludes.

410 shaped gel

Natrelle® 410 Highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped Silicone-Filled Breast Implants

• Designed to deliver an anatomical shape
• Highly cohesive gel is designed to hold together and stay in place
• Designed for a natural feel
• May require a slightly larger incision than round gel implants
• Indicated for patients 22 years or older for breast augmentation
• Biocell® macrotextured surface
• Sizers also available

Round Gel

Natrelle® Silicone-Filled Breast Implants

• Cohesive gel that feels softer to the touch
• Styles include:
– Moderate
– Moderate-plus
– High
– Extra-high
• Requires a larger incision than saline-filled implants
• Indicated for patients 22 years or older for breast augmentation
• Smooth or Biocell® macrotextured surface
• Sizers also available

The Natrelle range

The Natrelle Collection incorporates three types of silicone gel filling, plus a dual gel for extra firmness. The highly cohesive gel is designed to prevent downward migration and maintain upper pole fill and shape over time.

TruForm 1
Responsive gel: The softest cohesive gel

TruForm 2
Soft-touch gel: A slightly firmer cohesive gel offering shape control with natural movement and feeling

TruForm 3
Cohesive gel: A higher cohesive gel for shape and control

Firm cohesive gel: This is a dual gel, used for an even firmer cohesive gel on the anterior portion of Natrelle 510

1. Maxwell et al 2012. Natrelle style 410 form-stable silicone breast implants: core study results at 6 years. Aesthet Surg J. 32(6):709-17

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