With a history of clinical safety and long term outcomes (4,5) mentor® continues to deliver results.

According to two leading Australian plastic surgeons, Mentor® delivers high quality in its range of breast implants. Scientifically researched, clinically tested and quality assured, the wide range of shapes, sizes and textures gain both surgeon and patient approval and loyalty year after year (4).

Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Kourosh Tavakoli has been using Mentor® implants since 2004. He has extensive experience in the breast implant market, but currently uses Mentor® implants for many of his patients. “The number-one factor for me is the safety of the product
– in my experience it has a low rate of capsular contracture, and in the anatomical range rotation has not posed a problem for me clinically (4,5),” he explains.

“In my opinion, the other two factors surgeons seek to protect against are implant failure, or rupture, and late-stage seromas.

In my experience, the development of late-stage seromas, and other implant-related complications, is low using Mentor® implants (4,5).”

Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Michael Miroshnik has been using Mentor implants for eight years and is an avid supporter of the high quality and reliable design behind the implants.

“Mentor® has developed a microtextured surface, SILTEXTM, to their implants and combined it with an effective silicone gel which is available in three types of cohesively. This, along with their matrix system, offers surgeons a wide variety of choices when customising breast augmentation surgery,” says Dr Miroshnik.

Mentor: safety & performance

Based on a decade of research into the safety and efficacy of its breast implants, a Mentor® CoreStudy provides evidence to support the performance of its Contour Profile Gel (CPG™) implants. The rigorous clinical data reveals low reported incidence of key complications in primary augmentation at 10 years (4,5).

“One of the reasons I have switched the vast majority of my practice to Mentor® implants is because of their safety record,” says Dr Miroshnik. “I have found that their long-term complication rate is very low. This is particularly true with their CPG range (4).”

Dr Tavakoli says patient feedback with Mentor® implants has also been excellent. “My personal experience of complication rates using Mentor® implants is very low at around two percent for my practice,” he says. “I’ve used a range of implants and always in any given year have used Mentor® implants. In my 12-year experience using Mentor® alongside other implants, I have had very low revision rates with Mentor®.”

SILTEX technology

Mentor® has created a surface substantially free of pores and interstices that may contribute to a reduction in key complications during breast augmentation (1,2,3,8).

SILTEX™ texturing is a uniform texturing that is achieved through a unique imprinting process without the use of salt or sugar crystals (1,2,3,8).

“For me, the benefits of Mentor® implants are firstly safety and the company’s SILTEX™ technology – the covering delivers a balance of microtextured and smooth implants. Additionally, the silicone gel used in Mentor implants is of a high cohesion and is not easily
distorted,” says Dr Tavakoli. “My preferred implant is the SILTEX™

CPG™ Gel Breast Implants anatomical range cohesive type 3.

In selected patients, I also use MEMORYGEL™ round breast implants in cohesive 2.”

Dr Miroshnik’s favourite is the SILTEX™ CPG™ Gel Breast Implants range. “These are anatomical implants, which come with their most cohesive gel (Co3). I find that when these are used effectively, they can be used to shape the native breast which is so very important in this modern age of breast augmentation surgery, where patients seek a certain ‘look’ or style of result that matches their lifestyle and personality. They perform well with just about all types of skin envelope and when matched with a customised dual-plane approach of placement provide predictable, long-lasting results in most women (4).”

SILTEX™ CPG™ anatomical implants provide consistent coefficient of friction to minimise implant rotation.(1)

SILTEX™ CPG™ implants are proven to have a low risk of capsular contracture and rotation in primary augmentation.(4)

Working with Mentor®

Mentor® caters for different goals driven by personal preference and anatomy, making it easy for practitioners to meet challenges, with the confidence that the outcome will be as envisioned.

“Patients have been very happy. They are impressed particularly at the results in shaping that can be achieved,” says Dr Miroshnik.

“Surgical techniques for breast augmentation have vastly improved over the years, but these techniques are completely dependent on a reliable and predictable device that translates surgical thinking and planning into actual changes. Mentor® provides a product which I can rely on to translate my surgical decisions into long-term results (4,5).”

The Mentor service

“A strong support team is critical,” says Dr Miroshnik. “When running a busy plastic surgical practice, a surgeon relies on a great team to stand behind their product. This is particularly true when it comes to implants, where last minute changes and products often need to be available at a moment’s notice. Mentor® has a very knowledgeable and trained team that has always been there for me.”

Dr Tavakoli says the company has a very good selection of implants and sizers and a knowledgeable service team. “When partnered with meticulous surgical technique, Mentor® implants maximise your result – both short term and long term,” he says. “If a patient has a complication two years down the track, they’ll quickly forget how happy they were initially with the result. Implant failure at 20 years is for the most part acceptable but not at two or so years after implantation.

Mentor’s siltexTM technology delivers a balance between Microtextured and smooth CPGTM Gel Breast Implant “A plastic surgeon’s work isn’t just judged at the time of the surgery; it’s also gauged long after the initial surgery. In a patient’s eyes, it doesn’t matter how good the result is in the short term, it’s how they look at 12 months, 5 years, 10 years. Whenever you insert a prosthesis, you are relying to a certain extent on the ability of the product to maintain your result.

You want to be confident that the results you create today will be maintained in the future – be it two months, two years, five years and 10 years down the track,” Dr Tavakoli concludes.

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