Proving to be an essential product in cosmetic clinics, Lids by Design are the no-fuss way to instantly lift sagging eyelids.

Lids By Design are non-surgical temporary correcting strips to instantly lift eyelids and widen eyes, hiding the excess skin in the natural fold of the lid.

Cosmetic physician Dr Mary Dingley from QLD has been an early adopter of Lids By Design and has become a repeat stockist. “When I first came across Lids By Design I thought it would be a good addition to the practice for those who either don’t want eyelid surgery or other procedures to tighten the skin, for those who can’t afford the time for procedures at present, or for those who want an idea of how they might look should they decide to have a procedure,” she says.

“They’ve proved very popular and we were ordering more very soon after we initially stocked them.”

Registered Nurse Caroline Newman has also been using Lids By Design in her clinic in South Australia, and has been impressed with the results and the patient feedback. “We have had a very positive response to Lids By Design. We’ve been applying the product on our clients and when they see the results and experience their “wow” moment, they are sold. We feel the product does exactly what it claims to do – transform appearances,” says Newman.

Distributed in Australia by Bella Aesthetics, Lids By Design are available for different eyelid shapes and needs, and are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3mm (slight) to 8mm (maximum). The product can be used on virtually any eye, of any shape and any ethnicity.

Instant, effective results

The medical-grade correcting strips invisibly lift sagging, hooded eyelids for a younger and more vibrant appearance instantly. Designed for both men and women, Lids By Design is hypoallergenic, latex-free and can be worn comfortably all day.

Each correcting strip works instantly to redesign and reshape the eyelids – lifting and correcting and producing unparalleled instant results. Quick and easy to apply, Lids By Design are specifically designed to uplift the look of the eyes and temporarily help:
• Loose, sagging skin hanging over the lashes
• Asymmetrical lids which often look and feel uneven
• Excess skin covering the natural fold of the lid
• Heavy lids disturbing the natural contour and sometimes impairing vision.

“They are useful for those people who need more eyelid show due to the excessive or loose skin which is falling forward and giving the impression of heavy lids. For asymmetric lids, they can be differentially placed or a different size used to keep skin back and give a more symmetric result,” says Dr Dingley.

Due to the wearable technology, the adhesive is breathable and leaves no residue – it is soft, comfortable, easy to use and blends in with the skin.

To apply, eyelids must be clean of any makeup or oils. Using the specialised ContoursRX tweezers, the strips are gently peeled off and applied on the ideal spot on the lid, over the natural crease.

The strip is then tapped down to set it in place and held for a few seconds to ensure it adheres. If necessary, strips can be trimmed to the exact specifications.

Makeup is not necessary to conceal the strips, however it can be applied over them. The strips will remain transparent and virtually undetectable.

“We have found that practice makes perfect. It does take a little time to get the strip positioned correctly. We recommend they watch the tutorial video online and then practice applying until it becomes second nature,” says Newman.

“It usually takes a few tries at the start and then becomes quite quick when patients are more practiced. If patients can “feel” them when they’re on, they’re not in the right place,” says Dr Dingley. “They should be placed further back on the lid than most people assume (they normally aim for just behind the lashes if they haven’t been taught otherwise), so that it holds in place the fold of the upper lid. The posterior edge should be at the fold of the lid.”

Each strip is for one-time use and can be removed using the specialised tweezers or fingertips to gently peel off and discard.

Lids by Design in your clinic

Like trialling implants in a bra for a breast augmentation, Lids by Design can be used as both a marketing and visual tool in a consultation for blepharoplasty.

“It will give a better guide to a patient considering eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or some of the laser or radiofrequency skin-tightening procedures for around the eyes. It would not be useful for someone who needs a brow lift or for those who need ptosis repair except to keep redundant skin at bay,” says Dr Dingley.

“In my opinion, it definitely has a place for clients who are possibly considering surgery. It is a good visual tool and I believe it gives them a good option while they are considering or waiting for eyelid surgery,” says Newman.

Lids By Design are a good fit for any cosmetic medicine practice and staff can be trained to apply them as a trial for patients.

“They take up none of my time, however, patients are very happy for me to say, ‘Get the girls to show you Lids By Design’,” says Dr Dingley. “While my staff are often applying soothing cream or makeup on a patient after a procedure, they can apply a strip and instantly the patient says, “wow!” and appreciates the immediate improvement. As soon as they see one eye with it on and can compare with the other side, they’re keen to have them!”

For patients considering eyelid surgery or patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their eyes, Lids By Design is a breakthrough solution, filling the gap in instant, temporary non-surgical eyelid lifting and offering clinics a powerful marketing and communication tool.

“Lids By Design sell themselves, really. For most cosmetic practices, they would be a good adjunct, whether procedures are done for the eyelid area or not,” concludes Dr Dingley.

Lids By Design RRP is $69.95 for 80 strips (40 days’ wear) and delivers 100% mark-up for clinics.

A Lids By Design doctors’ kit features the full range of sizes, for patients to ‘try on’ uplifted eyelids during consultation.


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