Whether your patient is considering a blepharoplasty procedure or is just unhappy with the appearance of their eyes, Lids By Design is a tool like nothing before – offering something very unique and valuable to cosmetic practices.

Distributed in Australia by Bella Aesthetics, Lids By Design fills a gap in the market for instant, temporary, non-surgical eyelid lifting. It also provides clinics offering eyelid procedures with a powerful visual and communication tool for demonstrating how the results of surgery will potentially look.

Queensland cosmetic physician Dr Mary Dingley considers Lids By Design a valuable addition to the practice, for patients who don’t want/can’t afford eyelid surgery, or those who want an idea of how they might look should they decide to have a procedure.

‘They are useful for those people who need more “eyelid show”, due to the excessive or loose skin which is falling forward and giving the impression of heavy lids. For asymmetric lids, they can be differentially placed or a different size used to keep skin back and give a more symmetric result,’ says Dr Dingley.

‘Lids By Design sell themselves, really. For most cosmetic practices, they would be a good adjunct, whether procedures are done for the eyelid area or not,’ she concludes.

The medical-grade strips invisibly lift hooded lids to present an immediately younger and more vibrant appearance. Designed for both men and women, Lids By Design is a hypoallergenic, latex-free product that can be worn comfortably all day.

Due to the wearable technology, the adhesive is breathable and leaves no residue – it is soft, comfortable, easy to use and blends in with the skin.

To apply, eyelids must be free of any makeup or oils. Using the specialised ContoursRX tweezers, the strips are gently peeled off and applied on the ideal spot on the lid, over the natural crease. The strip is then tapped down to set it in place and held for a few seconds to ensure it adheres. If necessary, strips can be trimmed to the exact specifications.

Registered nurse Caroline Newman has also been using Lids By Design in her South Australian clinic. ‘We have had a very positive response,’ she says. ‘We’ve been applying the product on our clients and, when they see the results and experience their “wow” moment, they are sold. We feel the product does exactly what it claims to do – transform appearances.’

Lids By Design strips are a good fit for any cosmetic medicine practice and staff can be trained to apply them as a trial for patients. They are available for different eyelid shapes and needs, and come in a variety of sizes to fit just about any eye shape and ethnicity.

Each strip is for one-time use and can be removed using either the specialised Lids By Design tweezers or fingertips to gently peel off and discard. Lids By Design, with the addition of the recently launched Colorset Jumbo Pencil Primer, provides a quick and highly effective solution to uplift the appearance of the eyes. AMP

To order Lids by Design in your clinic email michelle@bellamedia.com.au, call 0419 624 246 or for more details visit www.bellaaesthetics.com.au

Lids By Design

RRP is $69.95 for 80 strips (40 days’ wear) and delivers a good margin for clinics.

A Lids By Design doctors’ kit features the full range of sizes for patients to ‘try on’ uplifted eyelids during consultation.

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