Genius at work: Intelligent RF Delivery

As a leading innovator in advanced aesthetic and medical laser and energy based technology for over 20 years, Lutronic brings intuitive, robust, versatile devices that are affordable and highly effective. Shonagh Walker uncovers its latest RF microneedling platform offering – GeniusTM.

GeniusTM by Lutronic is the only radio frequency microneedling device that automatically measures and optimises delivered thermal energy. The precise coagulation zones created in the dermis trigger collagen and elastin synthesis, repairing acne scarring, laxity, wrinkles, neck lines and hyperhidrosis, ultimately creating smoother, more youthful looking skin. Tried and tested – GeniusTM has been used in thousands of treatments and efficiently provides optimised protocols for every skin type and every age.

State of the Art Hand Piece

GeniusTM boasts a state-of-the-art proprietary handpiece, motor and needle designed for quick, clean and precise needle insertion, which allows for improved patient comfort throughout the treatment. Its design and lightness affords exceptional ease of use for the practitioner, too.

Real Time Feedback

Unique to GeniusTM, is the ability to provide real-time feedback during each procedure. The system senses the quality of the patient’s skin, and intuitively adjusts to deliver optimum outcomes, while protecting the epidermis. This ensures fast and comfortable treatments performed on all skin types and colours (even tanned skin) with minimal downtime.

This impedance feedback feature monitors tissue impedance every 2 msec and optimise energy delivery and adjust flow as resistance changes. GeniusTM is the only system on the market that has the technology to measure delivered energy.

Controlled Coagulation

Coagulation is important for triggering neoelastogenesis and neocollagenesis. GeniusTM affords practitioners the capability to exercise precise control over coagulation wherever it is needed. This means they can accurately and effectively treat scars, skin texture, wrinkles and laxity anywhere on the body including face, abdomen, neck, arms, axilla, knees and thighs.

About Lutronic

Distributed in Australia by highly respected Advanced Cosmeceuticals, Lutronic is one of the world’s most advanced aesthetic device company. Focused on advancing the specialities of aesthetics and energy-based medicine, Lutronic has partnered with key opinion leaders since 1997 to advance science and ensure superior efficacy of all its systems including the best-selling Healite II.

With more than 530 Intellectual Properties worldwide, Lutronic is renowned for developing intelligent systems that are innovative, intuitive, dependable and highly effective in improving a practitioner’s ability to provide Gold Standard patient care.

Over 325 peer reviewed articles worldwide clearly show that the systems offered by Lutronic include proprietary features for optimised outcomes. These includes high versatility, multiple settings and treatment options for a wide variety of conditions, including melasma, tattoo removal, vascularity, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, rejuvenation, body and face contouring, and more.

Lutronic is focused on engineering devices that offer unique features and improvements not found in today’s market and as such devotes more than 20 percent of revenue to Research and Development, with experienced specialists in medicine, electronics and mechanical engineering developing patentable core technologies.

Based in Korea and regarded as one of its pioneering aesthetic laser medical device companies, Lutronic has recently expanded its global headquarters to the US in the Boston area, with offices in Germany, France, China and Japan. It also boasts a worldwide network of direct sales teams and distributors that is rapidly expanding.

A multi-award winning company, Lutronic garnered eleven awards in 2019 Aesthetic Everything Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine Awards held in Boston, where over 30,000 votes were cast. The company won the following awards: Top Aesthetic Companies, Top Scar And Skin Repair Treatments, Top Skin Care Devices, Top Aesthetic RF & Skin Care Companies, Top Aesthetic Laser Manufacturer Companies, Top Non-Surgical Procedures, Top Minimally Invasive Procedures, Top New FDA-Cleared Innovation plus three Executive Awards.

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The GeniusTM Advantage

  • Treatment precision for maximum comfort
  • Confidence in consistent outcomes
  • Smart and easy interface providing protocol for every patient
  • Only system to show actual energy delivered
  • Ergonomic handpiece features smooth, quiet and fast needle insertion for high patient comfort
  • High torque motor – quick, quiet, smooth – sharpest, thinnest and highest quality needles
  • Precise coagulation with adjustable true depth control – deliver energy in quantity and depth desired
  • GeniusTM controls energy delivery for precise coagulation
  • Well researched technology including proprietary Lutronic Tissue Intelligence – real-time feedback to consistently deliver energy.
  • Comfortable and safe procedure
  • Extremely versatile – significant coagulation and remodeling can improve wrinkles, laxity, acne scars, hyperhidrosis and crepey skin
  • GeniusTM provides long lasting outcomes

Dr Davin Lim About Dr Davin Lim

Dr Davin Lim is a leading Cosmetic and Laser Dermatologist. His undergraduate degree was from the University Of Queensland, post graduate Specialist training was undertaken in Ireland, the United Kingdom and at the Princess Alexandra Hospital (Brisbane). Further laser training was undertaken in the United States and South East Asia.

His speciality interests are in the fields of: laser dermatology, acne treatments, chemical peels, cosmetic injections and skin cancer management. He is an expert in laser management of acne scars, pigmentation and vascular conditions.

Over the past decade Dr Lim has been published in international journals and presented at international conferences and meetings with over 20 credits to his name. He oversees the laser and cosmetic division of Westside Dermatology in Queensland.

Q&A with Dr Davin Lim

Q: Approximately how many patients have you treated using Lutronic GeniusTM? What major concern were they looking to remedy?

A: Around 50 patients. The main concern we treat with this device is acne scarring.

Q: What kinds of results are you getting and in what length of time?

A: Great results! We are seeing improvement even on deep pitted acne scarring within four to six weeks after the initial treatment.

Q: What is patient comfort typically like throughout the treatment? Is there any downtime?

A: Topical anaesthetic is used prior to aid with patient comfort, so the treatment is quite tolerable. Downtime is generally three to five days, with redness and swelling. This does depend on the skin type of course; with darker Fitzpatricks there will be gritting and a bit of scabbing which falls off within about a week, but lighter skin types tolerate it much better.

Q: What has patient satisfaction been like?

A: The feedback we have received has been very positive. By the time patients come in for their second treatment they have noticed considerable initial results and are feeling a lot more confident.

Q: Are results immediate?

A: Results can start to show at the four to six-week mark post treatment; however the full effects of the treatment can take a couple of months to show.

Q: Do results improve with time?

A: Yes, and this is due to collagen induction, which also has the added benefit of skin rejuvenation as well as smoothing of the scars.

Q: How is the device for you as a busy doctor in terms of ease of use?

A: The device is very user friendly and the handpiece is easy to manoeuvre. It is light to hold and the machine itself is extremely portable. This all ensures ease of use and time efficient treatments.

Q: What value do you think Lutronic Genius has brought both to your clinic and to your patients?

A: The GeniusTM device is able to deliver great results to patients and is something that can be used in conjunction with other treatment modalities, which means we can offer patients with quite marked acne scarring even greater solutions to achieve smoother skin surface. This is now the device we are using mostly in the clinic on patients with acne scarring.