FACTOR4 is an autologous, highly concentrated serum containing four times more growth factors and cytokines than any other blood product.

FACTOR4 is a new-generation platelet rich plasma (PRP), designed to deliver four times as many growth factors than any blood-rich injection product.

It is used to treat wrinkles and crepiness in areas of the face, neck, décolletage, back of hands and under-eye circles, as well as the appearance of stretch marks
and scarring.

FACTOR4’s difference is in its high concentration of autologous growth factors. This concentration is achieved using technologically advanced tubing to encapsulate and incubate venous patient blood.

During the incubation period – which can be between six and nine hours – the blood is exposed to pyrogenic-free surfaces, which elicit a vigorous and rapid increase in the synthesis of growth factors. Following this, centrifugation, extraction and filtration take place and give rise to a growth factor-rich serum, suitable for re-injection at the treatment site.

FACTOR4 treatment stimulates collagenesis to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve the skin’s overall texture. The serum also contains anti-inflammatory proteins.

Sydney ENT and facial plastic surgeon Dr William Mooney answers questions about his experience using FACTOR4.


FACTOR4 is appealing to clients and practitioners alike as it is a ‘natural’ product which gives a natural-looking result. It’s a ‘turn back the clock’ treatment which allows our clients to look refreshed, hydrated and fantastic for their age. FACTOR4 treatments give them an unfair advantage to their similarly aged friends.

We have experienced great results for skin tightening with Factor 4; it’s easy to use, sterile, comfortable and affordable.

Q How does FACTOR4 differ from other blood plasma products?

FACTOR4 by far is the most superior blood serum device I have used. What sets it apart is the comfort for the client in that we only have to collect their blood once. There is no sting as the pH level is perfect for treatment and we do not need to use any local anaesthetic. The treatment is quick and easy to administer. Many other devices are unpredictable, painful and too expensive.

Q What results have you seen?

FACTOR4 treatments tighten skin as the collected serum contains several different growth factors that stimulate healing of tissue. These growth factors stimulate collagen and in turn tighten skin and improve skin quality. Client selection, repeat treatments and clinical-grade skincare at home all contribute to fantastic results that last.

Q What areas do you most commonly treat using the FACTOR4 system?

Most commonly we treat the full face (most popular area is the eyelids and tear troughs as they are so hard to tighten via other methods) and the entire neck surface area. We also frequently use FACTOR4 for saggy skin around elbows, knees, mummy tummies and even hands.

Q How has the addition of FACTOR4 impacted your practice?

FACTOR4 has broadened the potential client base of our practice. Where once we were only able to offer anti-ageing injectable treatments with pharmaceutical bases, we now have an all-natural product that uses only the patient’s own blood. This enables us to welcome individuals who prefer to take a more natural, holistic approach to their own health and wellbeing.

Beyond the requirement of 3-4 treatments, patients require no further products to aid in their treatment. This contributes to the product being so successful among our patients. We do, however, recommend that clients have treatments six weeks before their birthday on an annual basis.

Q Do you use any particular techniques to optimise results?

We find that best results are obtained by given special attention to the area around the eyes, particularly smile lines, wrinkles and dark circles.

By incorporating Dermastamp to introduce the FACTOR4 into the skin, the product is able to reach a deeper level of the skin, and better stimulate natural collagen production.

Q Do you use Factor 4 in conjunction with other procedures or as a stand-alone treatment?

At Face Plus, our comprehensive consultation process typically identifies that our clients have more than one skin concern and that a multi-disciplined approach, drawing on different modalities, yields the best results. Where possible, we like to pair injectable treatments or FACTOR4 with laser or LED treatments, as well as encouraging a consistent approach to good lifestyle choices and ongoing skincare using high-quality products.

Q How have you found the Klinic Solutions service?

Klinic Solutions took our practice through a step by step learning process when we first began to consider the FACTOR4 system. Our nurses received detailed and comprehensive training that specifically focused on their questions and concerns. Since that time Klinic Solutions has always been a great support. They are always available and ready to assist our clinicians at any time.

Q Which patients are unsuitable for FACTOR4 treatment?

Patient selection is imperative to achieve optimal results. Traditionally we find that certain lifestyle choices, as with all surgical or injectable cosmetic procedures, limit the client’s potential for great results. Smokers, for example, do not tend to benefit from FACTOR4 as well as some other clients. We also find that clients suffering from auto-immune disorders are not suitable candidates.

Q In your experience, what has been the patient feedback following treatment?

Patients love the FACTOR4 treatment system, particularly if they attend all four recommended treatment sessions. Patients love that the treatment does not involve the injection of any chemical-based product and also the natural-looking results.

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