Brought to you by Advanced Cosmeceuticals, enCurve is the latest way to deliver circumferential fat reduction.

enCurve by Lutronic (distributed in Australia by Advanced Cosmeceuticals) is the new way to comfortably and conveniently deliver fat reduction with hands-free selective apoptosis.

Working through controlled delivery of energy deep into the adipocytes, enCurve uses a specialised frequency (27.12MHz) to selectively target and heat adipocytes to the optimal temperature to cause denaturation of cells, leading to the adipocyte’s death.

Radiofrequency targets adipocytes

The radiofrequency penetrates deep into the tissue, targeting the adipocytes. This causes the fat cells to oscillate, rapidly causing frictional heat.

The frictional heat raises the adipocyte temperature to 45 degrees, at which point the cell denaturises. This denaturation causes changes to the integrity of the adipocyte membrane, which leads to apoptosis, with expulsion of the intracellular lipid. The body’s natural removal process then takes over, permanently removing the damaged cells.

A 27.12 MHz frequency is more highly absorbed by adipocytes. As a result, adipocytes are more responsive than the cells in the epidermis, dermis or muscles, making this frequency ideally suited to precisely target the adipocytes.

Relaxing, comfortable treatment

There’s no better way to provide care for patients than with a device that is easy to operate, effective and also relaxing and with minimal discomfort.

Often impedance-induced heating can have its drawback of potential resistivity changes between patients, or even in the same patient, through natural processes such as respiration and movement. enCurve overcomes this limitation through its unique Personalized Impedance Synchronization Applications (PISA), which provides real-time feedback, sensing changes in impedance and automatically selecting the optimum parameters to maintain the ideal temperature of the adipocyte, which is around 45 degrees Celsius.

enCurve consists of an Ab Applicator and a Multi Applicator, to deliver personalised and tailored treatments. Combined with PISA, this minimises energy loss and achieves a better clinical outcome.encurve1

The enCurve applicator can be positioned over the abdomen and flanks at the same time, providing a hands-free procedure over the entire area in one session, making it an easy treatment to administer. Because the enCurve is never in direct contact with the skin, no heat is transferred directly to the epidermis and a gentle breeze from the Air Mode keeps the skin over the target area free for additional safety.

The applicator is placed over the area to be treated and the treatment is selected from the easy-to-operate touchscreen GUI. Once the treatment begins, the device measures the impedance of the tissue, and begins to tune to the adipose tissue. The device constantly adjusts energy delivery in order to ensure and maintain homogeneous heating of the tissue.

Treatment time is 30 to 60 minutes, and five to six treatments are recommended.

enCurve encompasses an enhanced efficiency in that for the practitioner there is no manual operation and no disposables, whilst for the patient they are able to receive a treatment for their abdomen and flank simultaneously.

enCurve is patient and practitioner friendly and the easy operation and installation ensures enhanced usability. enCurve is highly versatile and adaptable to a variety of body contours and clinic settings.

Prep with Healite II LED therapy

Healite II, also manufactured by Lutronic and distributed in Australia by Advanced Cosmeceuticals, is the new-generation Light Emitting Diode (LED) phototherapy system, delivering Low-Level Light Therapy to photomodulate cellular function, activate reparative cells and promote post-procedure wound healing.

Healite II can be used as a standalone therapy, or as a powerful adjunct to pre and post surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Healite 830 and 633nm LED Phototherapy System is beneficial to use before and after enCurve treatment. Prior to enCurve treatment Healite 633nm can be used for 10 minutes at maximum intensity to prepare the body for treatment by improving blood circulation. Healite 830nm (w/590nm) can then be used after enCurve treatment to activate the immune system.

Maintain with Mesoestetic

The new Mesoestetic BodyShock range is a professional selection of products formulated with high concentrations of active principles. These products are developed exclusively by Mesoestetic to increase treatment effectiveness after body remodelling procedures and treatments.

Performed in-clinic, the treatment uses active ingredients that are 100% personalised. After enCurve the clinician uses one of the six Mesoestetic massage techniques to enhance treatment effectiveness and favour the absorption of active ingredients into the epidermis.

There is also a BodyShock home care product range to maximise results obtained in the professional treatment, thereby ensuring increased efficiency and longer lasting results. It is recommended that the home care products be used simultaneously with the professional treatments.

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