The new EmCyte PRP system delivers the lowest levels of red blood cells for optimal purity and effective rejuvenation. 

Harness and enhance the body’s healing mechanisms with the latest evolution in PRP, the EmCyte PRP system.Platelet Rich Plasma has fast become an increasingly sought after treatment by cosmetic patients.  The ability to use the patient’s own cells to create improvements in skin texture, lines and wrinkles and provide “natural” alternative to anti-ageing has become a huge drawcard for patients wanting to improve their appearance without looking “worked on”.

EmCyte PRP has recently entered the Australian market – and has made an impressive debut.Distributed by High Tech Laser, EmCyte PRP deliver high-quality PRP samples and is an easy to use system with fast processing times.  The flexible, single system allows for multiple functions such as PRP, bone marrow concentrate and, in the near future, the separation of stem cells from adipose tissue.The system provides the ability to tailor treatments with ease and confidence, allowing the practioner to precisely control the level of white bloods in the sample to the treatment outcomes desired. EmCyte PRP is used to target wrinkles and crepiness in the face, neck, décolletage, back of hands and under-eye circles, as well as the appearance of stretch mark and scarring. It can also be used for a wide range of various other modalities including hair restoration, vaginal rejuvenation and the targeting of inflammation from sporting injuries.

The EmCyte Difference

Dr Bruce Williamson is a cosmetic surgeon at Balgowlah and has been using EmCyte PRP for an array of treatments and is seeing some very good results.

“I’m really impressed with the whole idea of the EMCyte PRP system. I have been using it for around 5-6 months now and I’ve been experiencing some excellent results – whether it is in skin rejuvenation or hair restoration. The system offers such a wide range of possibilities,” says Dr Williamson.

The EmCyte PRP system sets itself apart with its ability to provide purer product samples with higher PRP concentrations and the lowest levels of red blood cells. EmCyte goes beyond first-generation PRP systems to provide the capability to deliver concentrations of up to 9 times baseline in 7ml, with 99% of the red blood cells removed. The flexibility of the system allows the sample to be easily tailored to the concentration required for effective treatment.

“In my experience EmCyte is more sophisticated and more versatile than other blood plasma products,” says Dr Williamson. “I use EmCyte PRP for larger areas as it has the ability to work on a bigger equivalent to other PRP systems. It is made very concentrated – it only has to be spun twice and it is very well separated. Overall it is a faster process with less cell damage.”

“Mainly I use EmCyte as a wound healer after laser resurfacing, where it acts as an accelerator to reduce downtime, as well as for both skin rejuvenation and hair restoration treatments.  For skin rejuvenation I use it for skin on the neck and lower eyelids, as well as the backs of hands,” says Dr Williamson.

“I also use a vital injector across the skin and at the end there is hardly any bruising and it’s a really nice way to get some good results. Lastly I use it as a volumizer in combination with HA filler (Vampire Facelift). I had never thought of PRP as a volumizer, but EmCyte PRP has proven that it is – it is more than just a skin booster.”

“I’m also very interested in using EMCyte PRP for genital enhancement, through methods such as O-Shot and P-shot – there are so many possibilities and this is a big one. I already use a vaginal rejuvenation device so I’m very excited about using EmCyte PRP for this. I think that, with this system, there are a lot of other possibilities on the horizon.”

The treatment involves minimal downtime – some bruising at injection sites is normal. Within 3 weeks patients will experience a noticeable difference in skin texture and tone. The effects of these treatments will last approximately for 12 months and a program of annual injections are recommended for continuing benefits.

“The typical protocol in terms of number of treatments would be one or two treatments for the neck and for hair restoration 3 treatments initially 6 months a year. However it does differ from case to case,” says Dr Williamson.



How EmCyte PRP Can Benefit Your Practice

EmCyte PRP fills a gap in the market for patients who prefer a more natural approach to health and wellbeing. As such, EmCyte PRP has the potential to increase your client base, with the ability to offer more treatments within one system through the ability to tailor white blood cell levels to targeted treatment outcomes.

“EmCyte PRP has brought a range of patients into my practice looking for a more natural approach to rejuvenation whether it be for the neck, hands, face, including those after hair restoration. For example I recently did a lip rejuvenation on dull sun damaged lips using EmCyte PRP.”

Client selection and repeat treatments contribute to excellent results that last.

“My ideal candidate would be a younger patient who is a non-smoker. The healthier the patients’ own tissue is, the better results they will see,” says Dr Williamson.

“In terms of results, it is important to maintain realistic expectations. EmCyte PRP is a slower process but it comes with natural-looking results that are amazing.”

Protocols for EmCyte Pure PRP allow for collection, processing and treatment within a standard 20-30 minute appointment. This is more convenient for patients by eliminating the need for multiple appointments and travel time. Busy clinics can also schedule appointments with greater confidence and achieve optimal use of clinic time and resources.

Hi Tech Laser supports your practice through a step-by-step learning process, ensuring that your clinic is trained and educated about the device and the treatment protocols. This achieves effective outcomes for your patients.

“Hi-Tech Laser is a very good company and have always provided an excellent service. I have been working very closely with Dan and Matt for a number of years and they are extremely helpful, I’m very happy with the service they have provided.”

In terms of the future of regenerative medicine, Dr Williamson is very optimistic, highlighting that PRP is a stepping-stone to future treatments targeting stem cells.

“There is still a lot to be done with PRP with concentrations of cells and growth factors, however I think there is a lot still on offer. It is very exciting and it’ll be interesting to see the developments in future treatments targeting stem cells.”

“In my experience EmCyte PRP is essentially a more sophisticated and versatile system than other blood plasma products. It can be used for stem cells and bone marrow – I haven’t used this just yet but the system offers a wide range of possibilities, which is very exciting.” concludes Dr Williamson.


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