Minimally invasive procedures are the fastest growing sector in the cosmetic arena, and intimate female rejuvenation is no exception.

As a woman’s body experiences childbirth or as a result of natural ageing, the tissue surrounding the vagina can become weakened, resulting in vaginal relaxation and atrophy. This can be an uncomfortable experience, which may cause deterioration in vaginal functionality and a decrease in sensation, leading to sexual difficulties or dissatisfaction.

Now, with advancements in laser technology such as the Action II Petit Lady by Lutronic, there are fast, non-surgical methods for rejuvenating the surrounding muscles and improving vaginal and bladder function.

‘The advent of non-surgical treatments are challenging outmoded concepts of female sexual function, bringing to the fore the much neglected physical basis of female sexual dysfunction,’ says Dr Oseka Onuma, a gynaecologist and pelvic reconstruction specialist from Adelaide.

Petit Lady with the Action II platform is a non-invasive non-surgical procedure that uses Er:YAG laser to remodel collagen and tighten tissue. Specifically, it treats the inner walls of the vagina and rejuvenates the vulva to recreate a younger look and feel while also improving vaginal function.

‘The vaginal epithelium has a high water content and this facilitates the absorption of the thermal energy released by the laser device. The photothermal effect of the laser promotes collagen formation and remodelling. Collagen regeneration results in thicker vaginal epithelium and a tighter vagina,’ Dr Onuma explains.

Petit Lady offers multiple treatment options for a wide variety of gynaecological indications, including tightening an expanded/ relaxed vaginal canal and vulvo- vaginal rejuvenation. The treatment is ideal for post-delivery vaginal alterations, atrophic vaginitis, vaginal relaxation syndrome, total vaginal tightening, sexual grati cation improvement, stress urinary incontinence as well as vaginal dryness, burning sensations, pigmented vulva, stretch marks and more.

‘The most robust evidence available so far supports the use of laser therapy in treating symptoms of vaginal atrophy (dry, uncomfortable vagina, painful intercourse and an increase in vaginal discharge),’ says Dr Onuma.

‘A reduction in vaginal epithelial relaxation (stretching) can also result in a reduction in or the elimination of vaginal atus, and reduce the internal diameter of the vagina, which, for some women may result in increased enjoyment during sexual intercourse. Targeting the laser beam speci cally to the front wall of the vagina and the supporting tissues of the urethra may reduce or cure mild stress incontinence. There is robust evidence that the elimination or reduction of urinary incontinence and prolapse have positive effects on sexual gratification. The fractionated handpiece can be used on the vulval tissues to increase the tightness of the skin as well as reduce pigmentation.’

Dual pass and Dual mode technologies

The unique Dual Pass technique ensures the treatment is gentle, simple and fast with precise and controlled tissue ablation and minimal coagulation induced by the Er:YAG energy. The laser energy gently targets the superficial layer of vaginal mucosa and deep into the dermis to stimulate collagen with dual pass technology to rejuvenate elasticity and function and re-epithelise the vaginal mucosa faster than any other laser. The unique dual mode automatically combines the multiple micropulse and long-pulse modes at one time. This new treatment approach enables a deeper secondary thermal e ect and the controlled heating of the target mucous membrane of the vaginal wall. The patented design of the intravaginal scopes provides a more e cient and comfortable procedure.

The Action II platform has three hand pieces for gynaecology: 360° for vaginal tightening, 90° for stress urinary incontinence and a fractional hand piece for the rejuvenation of pigmented labia majora and minora.

A Gynaecologist’s perspective

Dr Onuma has been using the Action II Petit Lady for around three years and nds it an intuitive system that is easy to learn to use. ‘It can be used for a number of pelvic oor applications, supported by the 360° and 90° probes as well as a fractionated hand piece,’ he says.

‘I chose the Action II Petit Lady for several reasons: it is produced in South Korea by a company, Lutronic, with a long track record of producing laser products; it is supported in Australia by a company, Advanced Cosmeceuticals, with a long track record of selling laser products; it is also an Erbium YAG (Er:YAG) laser which I believe is less aggressive than CO2 lasers.’

‘There have been numerous success stories – the patient who told me that her urinary leakage has ceased after the first treatment, the severe vaginal atrophy with contact bleeding which ceased after treatment in patients who could not use or tolerate vaginal oestrogen therapy, the more rapid healing of the vulva following vulvoplasty, and the reduction in vaginal scar tissue that had persisted after pelvic reconstructive surgery,’ he says.

‘Additionally, it’s been a pleasure to work with Advanced Cosmeceuticals. They are professional, promote good products and support the products they sell. They invest in ensuring that the practitioners who use their machines have the opportunity for training both in Australia and abroad.’

The Action II Petit Lady is a fast and simple treatment that is safe and reliable with proven technology. Best of all, the patient experiences minimal downtime if any, while the procedure successfully rejuvenates the vulva for a healthier vaginal state and more youthful appearance. AMP

Action II Petit Lady is distributed by Advanced Cosmeceuticals.

For further information call 1800 242 011 or visit

Advantages of Petit Lady

  • Non-invasive, non-surgical procedure
  • Fast and simple to perform
  • Comfortable procedure with no downtime
  • Reliable procedure with excellent safety pro le
  • Proven Er:YAG technology
  • No consumables


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