Capenergy, the latest innovation in diathermy, is the “all-rounder” device every doctor needs. It can treat numerous pathologies across various medical disciplines, including aesthetic medicine, physiotherapy, pain therapy and post-surgery therapy. One of the most exciting applications of the Capenergy system is the treatment of uro-gynaecological symptoms.

What is Capenergy?

The Capenergy system is an electromagnetic RF device that increases internal tissue temperature and forces the movement of fluids in the treated area. This leads to stimulation of the target tissue, allowing it to regrow and repair itself in an optimal environment.

The Capenergy device delivers controllable RF energy (at options of 0.8, 1 and 1.2MHz) through different insulated and non- insulated applicators. The physical characteristics of these current- emitting applicators produce different biological effects in the targeted tissue.

While the insulated applicators (capacitive) have a concentrated charge at the surface, the non- insulated applicators (resistive) generate a current flow deep inside the tissue. This internal flow can effectively concentrate on hard tissue.

This carefully controlled increase in temperature, or hyperthermia, has several documented benefits, including:
• improved microcirculation
• acts quickly against pain sensations
• stimulates the internal regeneration process, balancing the ionic exchanges in the area
• reinforces and increases the efficiency of other treatments
• concentrates and absorbs drugs into the target area.

The Capenergy system comes with a choice of one, two, three or four channels, which simply means that you can treat either one area or four different areas of the body simultaneously. Each channel has two probes and two electrodes in the form of plates (one active and one passive) through which it is able to generate an electromagnetic area or biocompatible energy that focally diffuses into the different tissues.

The real difference in contrast to the other diathermy or RF machines is in the dissipation of energy, which means that in this case it is not generated by the electrode and projected outside (onto the skin), but it is drawn by the tissue toward the electrodes and through the formation of “electric charges” which do not have any contraindications and hence are considered “natural”.

How does it work?

A pair of electrodes is applied to the patient’s body, which acts as a secondary biological conductor, and RF energy flows between the active and passive plates. This energy is absorbed by the inflamed area and converted into thermal energy, which signals the body to send blood in to cool the area, bringing with it oxygen, nutrients and repair cells and taking away waste products and toxins.

The Capenergy device works in both manual and automatic mode (treating up to four body areas without the need for an operator). All models have a frequency selection to identify the ideal frequency for each area of the body.

Treating uro- gynaecological symptoms The Capenergy system uses a highly specialised intracavity device to deliver the precise amount of energy where needed to achieve lasting improvements for patients suffering from vaginal dryness, burning and itchiness, laxity and prolapse, vaginal and vulval pain, dyspareunia, chronic pelvic pain, incontinence and diseases of the prostate.

For gynaecological complaints, Capenergy works by stimulating collagen-producing hormones in vaginal tissue, restoring proper blood flow and rebalancing genital mucosa to increase lubrication and improve tone.

Capenergy is used throughout Europe and represents the new generation of treatment to stimulate natural physiological processes of cellular metabolism of tissues. It’s a revolutionary change in the treatment of pain and trauma, creating electromagnetic fields to accelerate the natural healing mechanisms of the body and reduce recovery time. AMP

For enquiries or to trial this treatment taking Europe by storm, call Metro-Dora Clifford, CEO & Training Director of ClinicalPRO, on 0411 862 362 or 1800 628 999

Chronic pelvic pain
Myofascial trigger points
Myofascial trigger points

Results of Capenergy*

• 75% reduction in pelvic pain due to endometriosis during menstruation after eight sessions
• 80% reduction in abdominal pain from the presence of fibroids
• Complete disappearance of pain sensation in lower back after eight sessions
• 70% reduction in vaginal pain in patients with chronic pelvic pain resulting from obstetric trauma
• 100% reduction of pain by activating the TP puborectalis in eight sessions
• 90% improvement in TP anal sphincter

* “Simultaneous treatment with puncture and radio frequency in active endopelvic trigger points in women presenting with
chronic pelvic pain.” Jerez, Marta. Malaga, 2012.

Capenergy Indications

• Gynaecology – symptoms such as prolapse, vaginal laxity, vaginal and vulval pain, urinary incontinence, and dyspareunia, and men with prostate disease.
• Prevention of trauma – especially in sports medicine, as well as offering faster recovery from repetitive injury.
• Rehabilitation – bone and ligament traumas, inflammatory pathologies at the muscular tendon level, bone and tendon damage, post-surgical recovery.
• Massage – in the blood and lymphatic areas, both in the superficial and deep layers, encouraging the circulation of fluids through different anatomical zones.
• Pain therapy – acts on the action of the membrane of the noci-receptors and nerve fibres, blocking out painful stimulus and its transmission.

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