Polytech Implants, distributed in Australia by J T Medical, meet the highest standards of quality in terms of technical requirements and patient experience.

Quality – a word thrown about to describe certain attributes of products, personalities or technologies. But what exactly does it mean?

J T Medical is the distributor
 of POLYTECH Health Aesthetic products in Australia and New Zealand. Manufactured and packaged in Germany, POLYTECH products offer patients a reliable and long-lasting option for breast augmentation.

As a brand, POLYTECH has set out to establish the way quality is defined in the world of aesthetics.

It demonstrates a commitment to quality in providing products and services of the highest standard to aesthetic doctors and patients around the world.

In a paper entitled What does “quality” actually mean? Oliver Bögershausen who is the Manager Regulatory Affairs and Quality Manager at POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics defines quality as follows:

• “Quality is the compliance of the actual state with the target state, i.e. the fulfillment of requirements and expectations (among others those of the customer).”

• “Quality is also defined according to the degree of compliance with given requirements.”
He then goes onto show how POLYTECH implants meet both definitions of quality, in a technical, objective sense and also in the more subjective, patient experience.

Quality in the technical sense

Obviously, there are a number of regulatory guidelines and quality control standards involved in the manufacturing and distribution of aesthetic implants. Bögershausen explains these guidelines signify the only objectional measure of technical quality that can be assessed.

All POLYTECH products are made and packaged in Germany, and consistently meet these stringent production guidelines. The certification of the products prove that the implants manufactured by POLYTECH can be accurately and confidently described as “quality” implants in the technical sense.

Notably, standards of compliance were made stricter in in Europe
at the end of the nineties, due
to extensive discussion around the safety of breast implants. The implants were re-classified to class-III medical devices and manufacturers had to prove the compliance of their products with the new, more gruelling quality measures.

“In December 2003, POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics was the first manufacturer of breast implants who succeeded in obtaining the certification of their breast implants according to the stricter requirements,” Bögershausen states.

Lifetime warranty for patients

The POLYTECH commitment to quality does not stop with the regulatory boards. With an aim to win the customer’s favour through the quality and longevity of their products, POLYTECH launched a program called
Implants of Excellence, which offers participating patients an extended warranty for their implants – in case of implant shell rupture for all types of POLYTECH Health Aesthetic breast implants, and capsular contracture, dislocation and rotation for POLYTECH Health Aesthetic Microthane implants. AMP

POLYTECH distributed in Australia by JT Medical. Call 1300 841 446 or visit www.jtmedical.com.au

About Polytech Implants

POLYTECH implants have established themselves as specialists in breast implants coated with micropolyurethane (Microthane). The coating of
the implant is a reliable and long-lasting option for breast augmentation patients. It is touted to reduce the rate of capsular contracture to around three percent, as compared to approximately 15 per cent in smooth implants and six per cent with textured implants.

Beneath the Microthane, the shell of POLYTECH implants is made from several layers of silicone, equipped with a diffusion barrier to prevent any leakage. The implants are filled with medical-grade silicone gel, which is form-stable and returns to its original shape after mechanical impact. The gel has a soft but cohesive consistency, which closely resembles natural breast tissue.

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